Top 10 Bermuda Triangle Incidents That Can’t Be Explained

Unexplained Bermuda’s incidents have been reported many times in the history and still it remains a mystery till this very day. Even though scientist tried to develop theories and to find out why this triangle is so dangerous they did not manage to figure it out, but it is certain that more planes and ships have disappeared here than anywhere else in the world. Bermuda Triangle falls in between Florida, Bermuda Island and Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean. People have created rumors like secret experiments or alien activities that cause these supernatural disappearances.

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10. Flight 19, 1945


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In 1945, over the Devil’s Triangle Flight 19, a five TBM Avenger Bomber, disappeared during a training session.14 men were onboard and could never be traced. A Martin Mariner Flying boat had also disappeared having 13 crew members. Flight 19 was an inspiration for the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” that spots out alien abduction to mars.

9. Ellen Austin, 1881

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An enormous American ship, Ellen Austin, is also on the list of Bermuda’s Triangle incidents. It used to travel between London and New York and in one of its trips came across a sailing vessel that was moving fast in Bermuda Triangle with no sailor or human being on board. They have tried to scavenge it by sending a part of the crew on the boat and while they attempted to sail next to Ellen Austin to London, but during a storm they got separated. During another trip of Ellen Austin they came across this ship again and try to salvage it, but disappeared days later and the personnel that was transferred on board was never found.

8. The USS Cyclops, 1918

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Bermuda’s incidents don’t illustrate only small ships or planes, it does not seem to matter the size of the equipment or the number of passengers. For instance, The USS Cyclops was supplying fuel to WWI, being a massive carrier ship. There were 309 people on board and had a lot of cargo. The ship stopped in Barbados to load more fuel and from there it needed to arrive in Baltimore, but it never did. Despite the search team scattered its entire course it was never found and it is one of the largest human losses in the zone. Later, in 1941, the ship that replaced Cyclops disappeared in the same place.

7. C-54, 1947



In 1947, a C-54 plane took off from Bermuda and entered a big thunderstorm and it was declared that the storm disintegrated the plane. Still, scientist started to question the decision to enter a storm that could have been avoided easily. The pilot was experienced and he had only 6 passengers, while the aircraft could hold 85. Since the take off the plane was far from its course without the navigator on board or pilot to notice and also changed the course twice. The ground operation from the radio stationed receive a quiet SOS but he ignored it, after this another SOS and then silence.

6. Tudor Star Tiger, 1948

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In 1948, other unexplained Bermuda’s Incidents appeared. Tudor Star Tiger plane took off from Santa Maria with 25 passengers and the ground radio operator received the coordinates that predicted to arrive in Bermuda at 5 am, but he never succeeded in regaining contact with the plane. 20 minutes before the flight should have landed he received SOS and an hour after 5 the plane didn’t arrive and could not be contacted.

5. Flight DC-3, 1948

Douglas Dakota DC-3

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In 1948, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft heading to Miami, took off from Puerto Rico airport. 20 minutes before landing, the pilot sent its coordinates through radio, but the plane never landed, having 26 passengers on board. This could definitely go as unexplained Bermuda’s incidents. Since the disappearance, two more airplanes were lost around the same spot of Florida southern islands.

4. Flight 441, 1954


The list of Bermuda’s Triangle incidents is very long and flight 441 is on it. This US military huge airplane disappeared in vane with 42 passengers and all naval officers alongside their families. The place where it vanished is about 400 miles inside the triangle. It is amongst the biggest mysteries due to experience of the pilot, good weather conditions and the most successful plane model of all times. In addition, the plane contained life vests and rafts that should have been floating on water if the plane broke down at landing, but there were no such traces and there was no SOS sent.

3. Witchcraft, 1967

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The 23-foot luxury cruise was owned by the same Burrack with a popular hotel. Bermuda’s incidents took place when Burrack invited his father on the boat to go around Miami shore and see the beautiful Christmas lights at night. They did not go more than a mile and at 9 PM, the police coast got a call from the boat saying that they hit something. Burrack asked for towing, no emergency situation, and said he would fire a flare to be located easier. The coast guard arrived in less than 20 minutes but there was no flare and no boat.

2. Piper Jets, 2005-2007


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In 2005, the first Piper-PA airplane disappeared, followed by other unexplained Bermuda’s incidents. The spot where it vanished is in between Fort Pierce, Florida and Treasure Cay Island, Bahamas.

1. Trislander, 2008

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On the first place on our top Bermuda’s Triangle incidents we find the latest disappearance, from 2008 after which this supernatural phenomenon seems to have stopped. A British-Norman Islander took off from Santiago airport flying to New York and had 12 passengers. After 35 minutes the plain went up and  was off the radar around West Caicos Island. Despite the massive search the plane was never found.

Bermuda’s incidents made this area a mythical part of the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of airplanes and ships have vanished into the thin air. Some pilots could manage to make radio contact and told the operator that they were disoriented while passing the area and then disappeared for ever. Many other aircrafts and ships could not even send SOS calls before vanishing. But since 2008, such disappearances have stopped but the point to ponder is what made them start in the first place?

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