Top 10 Benefits of Buying food from Neighborhood Markets

The concept of neighborhood markets was very well known to our ancestors who had no chance to use luxuries of shopping supercenters. However, the fact that neighborhood markets were there generations ago doesn´t mean that they do not have a rightful place in today´s world. It´s just the opposite. Neighborhood markets have many advantages over shopping supercenters and buying food from neighborhood markets is a step affecting many people in a positive manner. This, on the other hand, doesn´t mean that supercenters should disappear from the Earth´s surface. It´s just that both concepts have their pace there. Let’s take a look at some benefits of neighborhood markets.

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10. Keeping the Streetscape Colorful and Vibrant

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It is definitely much more pleasant to walk the street where some local shop is. Fruits, vegetables and other goods on display along the sidewalk with a business owner hanging around, saying hello to the people passing by… sounds good to you? That´s why you should buy food from neighborhood markets to keep them alive.

9. You Will Get Detailed Information About the Products

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Have you ever tried to ask an assistant in one of those shopping supercenters for information about products they are selling? In better case, you have got some general information written also on the sticker or on the box. In the worse case, you have got no answer at all. But it is logical as these huge centers have thousands of products available for sale and it is impossible to know them all. It´s one of the benefits of neighborhood markets that the staff knows much more about their products. Very often, they are able to provide detailed information about the source and history of it.

8. It’s at Your Hand

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Of course, it is not a rule that you have some neighborhood market in a walking distance from your place but very often, it is the case. Think then, is it really necessary to start your car and go to the overcrowded supercenter with a crammed parking lot? If you have some local market near you, walking to it will be healthy for you, environment-friendly and cheaper for your wallet as you won´t have to pay for the gas. Have you ever tried to calculate how much in gas you pay for your shopping tours annually?

7. Building Personal Relationship with the Staff

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The effort to build a personal relationship with their customers is one thing which is common to all neighborhood markets owners. If you will be a loyal customer, the staff will remember you soon and I´m sure that they will be at hand with an advice, recipe or a special deal everytime you will re-appear in their store. And who knows, maybe your relationship will develop into a true friendship, something which cannot be replaced by a plastic customer card…

6. Keeping the Money in Your Community

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It is very simple: by buying food from neighborhood markets, you ensure that a much bigger portion of the money  spent will stay in your local community. When paying to some mammoth industry, only a tiny fraction of that money will stay in your local community.

5. Supporting Local Farmers And Suppliers

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This point is connected with the previous one. Owners of neighborhood markets usually buy supplies from local farmers and other suppliers. Small farmers, as well as other small food producers, have a hard time competing against large companies. Buying food from neighborhood markets will support them.

4. Fresh From the Farm!

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Again, this point is a logical continuation of the previous one. As mentioned above, owners of neighborhood markets tend to shop from local farmers. The small farmers produce seasonal products without the extensive use of pesticides and other chemicals. Those products are hand-picked with a much greater care and there is much shorter time for the product to spend on its way from the farm to the customer. IThus, if you want to give your body more nutrition, buy local!

3. Daily Requirements? Special Requirements?

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It is easy to arrange a deal with the owner of a small local business that he will provide you some special product or that he will have it in stock on certain days exactly as you need. Have you tried this in a supercenter? Hardly…

2. Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a key to prosperity and innovation in any democratic society. Through small entrepreneurship, the middle class is being created and it offers an opportunity to any lower-income family. Supporting local shops is therefore very important in keeping the system working.

1. Diversity

Neighborhood Markets

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A wide network of small businesses that follow needs of local communities and are not subjects of some national-level (or even multinational-level) strategy of big chains is important in the sustaining diversity of product choices. It is also a driving force for innovation and lowering prices.

Neighborhood markets play an important role in the local economy as well as in the economy on a national level. They are indispensable for local communities and there are many reasons for their support.

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