Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

The holiday season is here and the beautiful beaches are ready to take in tourists from every part of the globe. What better place to visit when looking to relax in the sun amidst other fun activities than the Rio de Janeiro beaches in Brazil? All the beautiful people are found here strolling in the white sands enjoying the regions delicacies and socializing in the coconut palms. In case you were still wondering where to visit when you head over to Brazil here are the ten most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

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10. Praia do Sao Conrado

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Praia do Sao Conrado is one of the sandy Rio de Janeiro beaches located to the west of Ipanema mostly loved by the young and hip generation. If you are into hangliding, you are the perfect tourist for this location. Many surfers enjoy the descent waves near this beach so you may want to rest in between flights as you find a way to land softly on the beach.

9. Praia do Flamengo

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Flamengo Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro excellent for fitness and exercise. It offers a stunning view of the Sugarloaf Mountain and the bay at Niterou. Although some locals use the beach for fishing and sunbathing, sports including futuvolei, volleyball and soccer mainly take place in here, especially in the evenings.

8. Costa Verde

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Also known as the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro, Costa Verde is also one of Brazil’s beautiful beaches. It is a famous tourist location probably because it has been surrounded by 365 islands all with breathtaking beauty. People looking to enjoy themselves in Rio de Janeiro beaches that are cut off from the rest of the busy areas find this place stunning.

7. Praia Grumari

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Praia Grumari is located around 30km west of Rio town and it has an abundance of a dense jungle which can either be accessed by car or taking a long and tedious hike. Like Costa Verde, this beach has fewer people compared to others like Copacabana and Flamengo. Of all beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Praia Grumari is among the ones that offer tranquility and a safer environment. The authorities even limit the number of cars during the weekends and other holidays.

6. Barra di Tijuca

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Barra da Tijuca is the longest beach in Rio stretching over 11 miles. It is one of the beautiful beaches with its fantastic waves and excellent water conditions. This is where a number of the Summer Olympics 2016 venues were held. Many body boarders, short board surfers and kite surfers take advantage of the prime conditions of this wonderful beach.

5. Prainha Beach

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Like Costa Verde and Praia Grumari, Prainha Beach is the best option for those looking for quiet and tranquil beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro. It is farther along the coast with a stunning sand crescent and mountains covered by a rainforest. The sands on this beach are soft and white and the waves bright and blue. The presence of kiosks that sell delicacies and drinks as well as the availability of public transportation makes it one of the favorite beautiful beaches in the south.

4. Praia Vermelha

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The second spot on the top list of Rio de Janeiro beautiful beaches goes to Praia Vermelha, one of the smallest beaches in the town. Many visitors enjoy it for its super calm water, reddish-hued sands and isolated setting. Getting a cable car that transports tourists to the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain is among the reasons the beach is a popular amongst many tourists. You can also visit the park that sits behind the beach or sample inexpensive food sold in kiosks located along the beach.

3. Arpador Beach

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Arpador is basically a continuation of Ipanema Beach situated near the traffic curves around Copacabana with rocky headlines and a 60m climb. It offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the entire length of Ipanema, the famous Dois Irmãos and Leblon. The wooden steps on the pavement lead to the sandy beach that is always full of body surfers, surfers and local bathers. Tourists term Arpador as one of the beautiful beaches because it is light at night.

2. Praia de Copacabana

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For a long time now, Copacabana Beach has been at the top of the list Rio de Janeiro beaches but lately, the neighboring Ipanema Beach has stolen the spot. It is nonetheless the glitz and glamour of Rio with a long stretch of white sand and the breathtaking view of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Leme, an area along the beach near Ipanema is the quietest used as a family spot when the rest of the beach is people-packed. Copacabana is home to the famous New Year’s parties where the beach packs each December 31 with a night of revelry, live music and beautiful fireworks.

1. Ipanema Beach

Beautiful Beaches

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Ipanema Beach is a favorite of many tourists especially because it has fewer people as well as high rise hotels than Copacabana. The whole stretch of sand often consists of people basking in the sun while watching other activities around them. Kiosks selling mouth-watering recipes are also in abundance here. It is not among the beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro for nothing; the twin peaks of Dois Irmaos shape the beach in such a beautiful manner, and the beach has been subdivided into different sections suitable for different kinds of people like the young, the old and even homosexuals.

This list of Rio de Janeiro beaches covers a small percentage of what awaits tourists once they visit this beautiful place in Brazil. If you think we are telling lies, just try search for the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro and see for yourself-you’ll be spoilt for choice. Thank you for reading this article, you can catch other interesting reads on this website at your own free time.

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