Top 10 Most Awaited Technologies

If you were to think of the things you wish you could do or have done for you today, my probable guess is that the list would be endless. The funny thing is, most of the often ‘awaited technologies’ usually only end up expanding the boundaries in which new technologies could exploit. That is one of the beauties of science. So, with that being said, here are the top 10 most awaited technologies that have recently emerged, including those that we could be seen anytime from before the end of this year, to 2020.

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10. Jetpacks

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Jet Pack International has one of the long awaited technology brands. They are expected to come out with the H202-Z and H202 hydrogen-peroxide-fueled jetpacks capable of flying at a height of 250ft with optimal speeds of 77 miles per hour. Whilst these jetpacks are expected to have a maximum flight time of 33 seconds, it is indeed a very good start and the potential, should this product become commercially viable, are enormous. The less privileged would have to wait for now unless they have $100,000 to spare.

9. Smart Glasses

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Smart glasses can stake a claim to being one of the most awaited technologies for a pretty good measure. Whilst the Google Glass, one of the long awaited technology brands of smart glasses has eventually emerged, competitors have already started warming up. It only remains to be seen what the future would hold as Google hopes to move on from beta test units to consumer products.

8. Star Wars Styled Bikes

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The Aerofex Aero-X is the most appropriate example of long awaited technologies. This is all the more so, after spending over fifteen years undergoing research and development. Now, here’s what it can do. The Aerofex Aero-X is capable of hovering at an altitude of 12 feet whilst carrying about 310 pounds and traveling at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The bike comes powered by a 240 horsepower engine that is water-cooled and has two large rotors.

7. Wearable Electronics

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As we have already seen from the smart glasses and smart watches that wearable technologies are the next in a line of long awaited technologies that could positively shape the way we live. Imagine ear buds that could measure your heart rate and warn you of a pending heart attack and lenses that could unlock doors using NFC technology. The use of implants to track vitals in time would certainly help save more lives.

6. Prosthetic Capable of Sensing Touch

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Indeed it is possible. Research being carried out by a group of European scientists is making it possible to feel touch. This is done by connecting the prosthetic arm or leg to the remaining nerves in that part of the body. This makes it possible to make varied amounts of pressure when holding or grabbing an object. Users are also capable of demonstrating the difference between the different objects they are holding. For any of these long awaited technologies to become a reality and more importantly commercially viable, a lot of work still has to be done. Despite this, 2019 has been pictured as a realistic date for commercial release.

5. Virtual Reality Gaming

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The Oculus Rift was amongst the long awaited technology brands that have successfully revolutionized the virtual gaming industry. Certainly, this does not stop it from going multiple steps further. The ideal situation would be being capable of transporting yourself to your virtual location at any place and point in time without the need for laptops and other gadgets. With Samsung putting itself on the list of awaited technology brands that have finally indicated an interest in the virtual reality gaming industry, the future is bright.

4. Improved Brain-Computer Interface


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Despite quadriplegics having long held – albeit less refined – the ability to think to the computer, current advancements in this technology shows that we soon would not require a mouse or a keyboard to process information on a computer. Our brains alone should be good enough.

3. Off-line Media Would Disappear

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The internet has already buried compact discs, Blue-rays and DVDs as far as it relates to the music industry. All thanks to cloud storage and music streaming. It is only a matter of time that the movie industry does the same – thank you Netflix. The gaming industry will certainly follow. So it is safe to say that we may soon be witnessing the final death of all off-line media devices such as those mentioned. Keep your tuxedoes ready.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Robots Would Dominate Our World

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This is our 2020 vision. From the enormous strides being made, both in the military and civilian worlds, robots are going the be the next big thing after the internet. From helping us take care of the home – as is already being done – to being the perfect office assistants, robots would be everywhere. iRobot was never far from the truth.

1. Food Will be 3D-printed

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It is not so far away. Biozoon is on our list of awaited technology brands simply for that reason. They are harnessing the power of 3D printing technology to create 3D-printed powder mixtures that solidify when printed and melts quickly when eaten. Though the current purpose is to help elderly patients suffering from dysphagia, the possibilities are endless. This is extremely important in the light of the food crisis currently being faced in certain parts of the world.

We have done our part. These are the top 10 most long awaited technologies so far. Fortunately, none on this list is so far away anymore. You can always let us know what we missed. We love reading from you.

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