Top 10 Augmented Reality Games

With the advancement of technology, amazing games have evolved. Augmented reality games have changed the experience of gamers. They bring an aspect of reality to the game and make it feel as real as possible. With augmented reality games, digital content is overlaid on top of real things by using maps, cameras or the sky.

The popularity of augmented reality games is on the rise as many people have adopted its use on their smart phones and tablets. Below are some of the most popular reality games in the market today.

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10. The Lab

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With a myriad of mini-games available for one to choose, one can easily get addicted to it. There are no limitations with this game. The game is simple enough for anyone to enjoy playing but quite engaging at the same time. What`s more, it is free. Who doesn’t love free things?

9. Raw Data

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If shooting off guns are your thing then you ought to try out Raw Data. It is one of the best virtual reality games. You get to shoot robots with pistols and shotguns. This virtual reality game allows you to choose between missions and it has a new character included. This augmented reality game is highly ranked by those who play it and anyone with a chance should try it out. This reality game is best played with friends. It retails for $39.99 but is worth every dime.

8. VR Funhouse

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This virtual reality game picks a few things from The Lab as it contains mini games and has free to play models as well. This gives the player, options with more to choose from in the shooting gallery and whacking moles. This augmented reality game doesn’t get very intense but can still be enjoyed. The best part is that this game if free.

7. Hover Junkers

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The general outlook on this virtual reality game puts it a notch higher than other reality games. If combat games are your thing then you are bound to love this. Its general design makes good use of room scale controls. While playing this reality game, the size of the ship you choose is determined by the size of your room. The best part, however, is that you get to design your ship`s defense and duck behind them. Its retro-futuristic stature makes it a fast and fun virtual reality game to play. This is definitely a must download for Vive owners. It retails at $34.99 at the store.

6. Fantastic Contraption

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This augmented reality game was originally a 2008 game. The designers of the game then repurposed it for mobile and it wasn’t long before it existed in virtual reality. The game is essentially about solving little puzzles by building somewhat weird fantastic contraptions. The building part in this virtual reality game is easy, the challenge is getting your builds to work right. You will be proud of yourself when you get it done. This reality game retails for $29.99 and is worth the cash if you love games that engage your mind.

5. Audio Shield

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If you are all about moving around and exercising, then this augmented reality game is your best pick. This virtual reality game is physically engaging as it is all about hitting glowing orbs racing towards you while dancing to your favorite tunes. The game allows you to choose a difficulty level to play and even decide which shield you want to use. What`s more, you even get to upload your own music. This makes it by far one of the most addictive augmented reality games to play. It currently retails for $19.99 but its versatility makes it all worth the while.

4. The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

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Designed as an episodic series, starseed is a fantasy adventure game that takes you on a mission in search of your missing sister. This virtual reality game is mostly inspired by the 80`s fantasy films and entails a lot of exploration. It currently retails for $19.99.

3. Tilt Brush

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This 3D virtual reality game owned by Google lets you walk around your creations thanks to the Vive controllers. Most gamers agree that it’s more of an application than a game due to its capabilities. This augmented reality game retails for $29.99 at the stores.

2. Feral Rites

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Designed as an adventure game, this virtual reality game is all about exploring the jungle to avenge the death of your father. The players enjoy great super powers that allow them to turn into ferocious beasts. It currently retails for $29.99 at the Oculus Store.

1. Minecraft

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This famous game played the world over gives a totally different experience on virtual reality. It still retains its generally block-like overview but the concept of welding a diamond sword while killing bad guys gives you an experience like never before. This virtual reality game is free at the Oculus stores.

Augmented reality games have really changed the whole gaming experience. They are good pass time activities to enjoy while looking to relax and unwind. They come in an array of variety from adventure games to fantasy and shooting games. All you have to do is pick that which works for you.

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