Top 10 Antique Chairs Perfect for Your House Décor

Antique furniture adds more taste to your home ambience. It is an amazing thing that you can buy at affordable price. The guests coming to your home will appreciate your choice of furniture. An antique chair has much significance as compared to modern age furniture’s. The craft and design employed in the making of these antique chairs reflected the much wealth and high status of their owners. They became a sign of wealthy home owners.

10: Classic Bentwood Rocker Rocking Chair for $138.00



The Classic Bentwood Rocker Rocking chair is antique furniture whose craft is from strong and hard candid cane or poplar wood. Designed to Roll smoothly to and from in a heavenly soothing motion relax, or send a little one off to dreamland with this antique chair. An artistic work of art in graceful curving lines, the Victorian style and its classic design will leave any setting looking more elegant and classy. This antique chair is very beautiful, with scrollwork frame and will be a perfect house decor. Such antique chairs are very attractive and beautiful.

9: Casual Accent Chair for $146.63



This antique furniture chair with Cottage style and French laundry design combined in this attractive accent chair. The chair is by itself makes your living room, bedroom or den classy and attractive. The seat has a slightly sliding back and equipped with buttons so that you can comfortably sit all while supporting yourself luxuriously in this perfect house decor. The antique furniture with light toned wooden legs, the hind legs have been designed in a traditional slanting manner, with the front legs having a rich decorative fashion. This chair can be used with traditional, transitional, cottage and French laundered room styles.

8: Horseshoe chair for $239.00



Look at this gorgeous Chinese antique furniture Yoke Armed -Horseshoe chair. Chair is very solid and sturdy. It features a beautiful carving works on the back and front. The horseshoe shape and very comfortable seating is a perfect house decor. You will love this chair in your room and in lawn. This is a substantial vintage oak antique chair. It would make your home look elegant and very stylish.

7: Antique Decorative English Oak Chair for $580.00



This imperial antique chair carved oak armchair was crafted in England around 1890. The oak has developed a deep patina. Midnight blue upholstery embellished with a golden unicorn added and moulded into its attractive and admirable look. The arched back is crowned with scroll patterns and a crown serves as its centrepiece. The solid-brass feet have a roller-ball design. The velvet is supple and luxurious with only a minor imperfection or two.

6: Kimalina Linen Accent Chair for $657.80



Toasty beige linen on a completely hardened frame made from wood, dark weathered grained soft linen fixed inside the brass and antique nails. Its height can be easily adjusted. It also has some great Rolling Casters. This antique furniture is carved, hard wood, foam fabric, and it has metal looting of in-depth detail.

5: The Oak Arts Floral Brown, Arm chair $2550.00

The Oak Arts Floral Brown, Arm chair $2550.00


The antique English Arts & Crafts of 1890s is an impressive pair of large solid oak armchair with new linen floral decoration upholstery, brown thistle on a cream ground, carved decoration. Such Antique chairs are suitable for every home and a perfect house decor. It is a very handsome piece which would look perfect in any room.

4: The Fitzjames, Throne and Leather Antique chair: $2300.00

The Fitzjames, Throne and Leather Antique chair: $2300.00


Absolutely Stunning Antique furniture, superbly figured and of a very unusual design. From the attractive hand crafted, each piece is individually hand-upholstered by the craftsmen. The whole piece has highly decorative ebonized edges and wonderfully crafted and polished. The design is exclusively a perfect piece of art for your perfect home decor.

3: Antique Opulent Scrolls Chair for $2450.00



Absolutely Stunning Antique furniture Victorian design has beautifully carved cabriole legs. The Opulent oak antique chair with a graceful scrolls decoration is high in Victorian style. This antique furniture is especially for the people who love to have perfect home decor with unique antique items. Such antique chairs would be a great gift and more value for money. Such antique chairs are very beautiful and elegant in look.

2: Chinese Antique, Carved Official Massive Arm Chairs: $2900.00

Chinese Antique, Carved Official Massive Arm Chairs: $2900.00


An unusual pair open arm chairs. The lovely colour enhanced with nicely carved decoration to the centre splat. Massive Carved Official Arm Chairs, they are made by solid elm wood with a rick finish that is completely and alluringly dark brown. On its front and back, there are elevated carvings which have been carved and finished on both side on the arms. These chairs are very heavy and sturdy. They are perfect house décor that will bring relaxation and fun. Its carvings reflect the tradition of Qing Dynasty. They are truly stunning antique chairs that can be hardly find in this century.

1: Baroque Wood Gift Scrolls Magnificent ARMCHAIR for $19,500.00



This Antique chair in delightful timber with scrolls pattern represents an example of Baroque style. It is magnificent and remarkably 19th century Italian gilt timber chair with deep detailed carvings enclosed and bloated in deep red velvet. It is carved on the shoulders by a thorough foliage and scrollwork, framing a shield intended for coat of arms, the moulded support on the back, matches with the chairs arms as each gets joined by an X-shaped stretcher. This antique part is a very good value for money and can be a prodigious gift.

Above points clearly give an idea about the antique chairs that you should buy at affordable price. The top 10 list included above has a detailed description about the unique chair. Your home will look beautiful with the presence of such chairs.

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