Top 10 Animals With Human Behavior

When humans say stop acting like animals they are rating animals to be a baser nature than themselves Subjectively speaking, that may be true. However, there are animals with human behavior so similar that it makes us wonder if truly we are acting like humans or vice versa. We have analyzed the different types of human behavior animals to provide you with a comprehensive list of animals mimic human behavior so adeptly.

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10. Gorilla

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These animals mimic human behavior in some of the most interesting ways. One of these is communication. Gorillas from their body posture to facial expressions, sounds and gestures make us wonder if they are trying to be like we or we are as Darwin put it an evolution of their species.

9. Sloth

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You may call the Sloth a lazy animal simply because it has made it his innate desire to lie around all day doing absolutely nothing. Yet this is the reason why the Sloth is considered as one of the animals with human behavior. Just think about those lazy weekends when you just want to play couch potato and think Sloth.

8. Tamarins


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Tamarins are on this list of types of human behavior animals because these animals mimic human behavior in various ways. Most notably is it’s a family lifestyle, which is quite possible the humans may have borrowed a leaf from. Whether you agree or not, these animals share food the same way we do at an Italian or Chinese restaurant – in a group/ family style.

7. Chimpanzees


Image credit: Chimpanzee Facts

There’s a lot going on in this mammal’s mind. Chimpanzees can mimic animal behavior and a couple has been trained in sign language making it easy for them to communicate with humans. They speak amongst themselves through their own sign language, sounds and postures placing them on this list of types of human behavior animals.

6. Flamingos

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These graceful birds are more than just their beauty. Flamingos bear the appearance of female celebrities, with the graceful movement of the ballet dancer. They have such beautiful plumage, that we couldn’t omit them from this list of animals with human behavior.

5. Robin

Image credit: Wild Bird Seeds

These animals mimic human behavior so effortlessly that we had no other choice but to give them our names. Whilst this is untrue, it is clear that this animal deserves a place on this list of types of human behavior animals. If not for anything, its singing should be able to get you. Robins sing so beautifully that they could easily match any other well known human songbird out there. Robins could easily remind you of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, or Whitney Houston with their melodic tunes.

4. Howler Monkey

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We all have that one cousin set out to embarrass you in public – with the loudest voice, weirdest behavior and most unsocial comments. What’s worse, he only gets louder when you try to shush him up. Well if you get the picture, then you can be sure that the Howler Monkey is a complete copycat. These animals with human behavior can howl the happiness of your life away and are amongst the loudest animals in the animal kingdom. And like your loud cousin, an attempt at shushing them would only make their volume go up.

3. Panda

Image credit: Brilliant News

Do humans really think we developed eating manners and table etiquette? It is quite possible that the humans stole it. However, if you are amongst those who think these animals mimic human behavior that’s your say. Panda’s have such amazing table manners that they follow and pride themselves upon. One of these is sitting up holding the food in their hands whilst eating.

2. Purple Finch


Image credit: Deviantart

You may certainly not have expected the purple finch to rank so highly amongst the types of human behaviour animals. Yet they have every bit of a stake to this list as any other animal. In fact the purple finch is more than well advanced. They are expert home builders, adept at ensuring that their nest is as perfect a home as possible. We are speaking of the females in this regard. Female Purple Finches pay utmost attention to detail as they set out on this task.

1. Dolphins

Image credit: Earth

Dolphins believe so much in social interactions. They are a peaceful, loving bunch with virtually little known about them being in conflict situations with members of their own species. This is extremely rare amongst other species. Dolphins are also very intuitive, extremely intelligent animals. Human lives have been saved on more than one occasion by these angelic mammals of the sea.

So here are the top ten animals with human behavior and characteristics. Did you like what you read? If yes please like and share. If you have comments, leave them below. We read and respond.

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