Top 10 Ancient Technologies Used Every Day

The humankind has seen a lot of evolution through different eras. The earliest times were full of marvelous opportunities as there was so much to discover and invent. The Ancient Roman Empire took full advantage of those opportunities and gave us several ancient technologies that are still being used today in an evolved form. An overview of some of the ancient technologies used today is given in the paragraphs below. Ten advanced ancient technologies are discussed so that you might be able to give the ancient inventors the credit that they deserve.

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10. Plywood

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The invention of plywood dates back to thousands of years. It has seen a good deal of evolution through all these years but the fact is that it is still being used even today. We see it in our homes, offices, shops and other places very commonly. So it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the ancient technologies that are being used in the present times as well.

9. Plumbing

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Plumbing is definitely among the ancient technologies used today. The basic concept of plumbing goes back to 2700 BC when the ancient Chinese, Persian, Roman and Greek civilizations deployed it in their towns after they created bathrooms. The Ancient Romans are especially known in this regard for their work on town planning and sanitation systems as well.

8. Ice Skates

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According to some intellectuals of the University of Milan and University of Oxford, ice skates were first developed by the Finns almost 5000 years ago. They created them using animal bones and used them while hunting. Therefore, ice skates surely deserve a spot in the list of advanced ancient technologies and inventions since they are still being used by the modern man.

7. The Alarm Clock

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The evolution of the present-day alarm clock is a result of ancient technologies made by the ancient Greeks. It dates back to 348 BC when Plato created the first alarm clock. His clock may be referred to as a water clock as it played different notes from some kind of a water organ installed along with the clock.

6. Metrology and Calibration

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Calibration and metrology certainly are among the ancient technologies used today. Both these advanced ancient technologies were invented by the civilization of Indus Valley. They are known to devise a very sophisticated and advanced system to carry out standardization using different measures and weights. That system led towards the evolution of metrology and calibration that we use in the present day.

5. Lenses

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Lens is known to be among those ancient technologies which are still largely used in the present age. Almost 3000 years back, the first lens was invented by Austen Henry Layard in Nimrud. Its basic purpose was to magnify or burn using sun light.

4. Central Heating

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As discussed above, the ancient Romans are highly known for their town planning skills and the high-end facilities available in their empires. You won’t be astonished to learn that the advanced ancient technologies of central heating were also invented by the ancient Romans around the year 1000 BC.

3. Vending Machines

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Vending machines may also be referred to as ancient technologies used today. The year was 70 AD when Heron of Alexandria discovered the wending machine as he was trying to create something to dispense a holy water dose automatically.

2. The Crane

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The Greeks as well as Romans are highly known for several inventions and innovations in the ancient times. They were especially known for their high end construction skills as they developed different infrastructures to help out conduct different kinds of construction works. Along with hundreds of other inventions the invention of the crane is also credited to the ancient Greeks. They used the ancient technologies offered by the crane to help pick up heavy stones which were used in the construction of their temples which are still present.

1. Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery may be said to be one of the most advanced ancient technologies that are being used these days. It is known to be the oldest kind of surgery that has ever been practiced. The technology dates back to 2000 BC when different operations were carried out on the reconstruction of nose in India. Some evidences are also available suggesting that plastic surgery was initiated by the Ancient Greeks. Regardless of whoever invented this technology, it is so good that it survived all these years and is still being used in the present day.

We live in a very comfortable and technologically advanced world. The world wasn’t always like that. It is due to the ancient technologies used today that we finally came across all these advancements. It won’t be wrong to say that we wouldn’t have been living such a comfortable and convenient life if it wasn’t for the ancient inventors and discoverers who made things easier for us.

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