Top 10 Amazing Tales of Animals Revolutionizing the Lives of Their Disabled Owners

Animals are the best friend humans have. They are more loyal, amusing, friendly and a more trustworthy pal than members of our species. Whilst they are excellent during the comedic periods of our lives, they are also unbelievably astute in times of danger. There are countless tales of unbelievable animals that saved the owner’s lives. Especially in instances where the owners have some form of disability our gratitude goes out to these animals. We could not accommodate all on this list so we had to pick a few – we thought you would be most interested in some of the most amazing tales of animals saving the lives of human beings.

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10. Pig Saves the Life of Heart Attack Victim

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We would start off with the astonishing tale of Lulu, one of the most influential animals in history. Lulu was owned by the daughter of JoAnn Altsman. When JoAnn Altsman had a heart attack and collapsed on the ground, Lulu ran to the road to get help, blocking traffic and running back and forth to the house to check on Altsman and see who could help. Eventually someone followed the pig to the home of Altsman to find her on the ground struggling for her dear life and helped have her rushed to the hospital. Amazing tales of animals such as Lulu help us appreciate their friendship a whole lot more.

9. Whale Saves Diver From Drowning

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Yang Yun decided to participate in a diving contest in China. During the contest, her legs developed cramps crippling her legs and sinking her deeper into the water. Just when she felt her life leaving her, a Beluga Whale called Mila pushed her back to the surface, thereby saving her life.

8. Dog Takes A Snake Biting To Save Toddler

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Next on our unbelievable animals that saved owner’s lives is a tale of man’s best friend. Khan was still new to the home of its owners when it saved the toddler, Charlotte’s life from a snake bite. Khan had intercepted the King Brown snake that was only inches away from the toddler. Had the toddler been bitten it certainly would have been fatal. Rather Khan took the biting and was saved by anti-venom. This only goes to prove how dogs have been one of the most influential animals in the history of man.

7. Cat Saves Family From A House Fire

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Cats are also amongst the most influential animals man has ever come in contact with. Our history with cats dates back several millennia and appropriately so. Amazing tales of animals such as cats and dogs saving human lives can occupy an entire list of its own. So when Oreo, the family cat of the Busschers knew there was a fire in the house, she knew she had to alert the sleeping humans. Her loud cries woke the entire family up to the smoke and saved their lives.

6. Goat Saves Farmer’s Life By Feeding Him Milk

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When Noel Osborne was injured and rendered immobile in a farm accident, he was stranded too far away for any human to hear his calls for help. But Mandy knew what he was going through and kept him warm for 5 days huddling by his side. She even gave him milk for sustenance. Not many amazing tales of animals would include tales of heroic goats but there are a few out there, Mandy is just one recorded tale of unbelievable animals that saved owner’s lives

5. Dog Saves 92 Stranded Sailors

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Nearly a century ago – in 1919 – man’s best friend and one of the most influential animals in history saved 92 stranded sailors from drowning when their ship Ethie crashed at sea. With a rope fastened to her mouth she entered the sea and swam to shore. Tang’s bravery helped save all of the 92 sailors pulling them to shore. No list of amazing tales of animals would be complete without a word on Tang’s heroic act.

4. Dolphins Save Surfer From Being Killed By A Shark

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When Todd Endris went out to sea in 2007, he had no idea that a great white shark could have decided his fate. It would have had it not been for the astounding bravery of a pack of dolphins who formed a protective shield around Todd after the shark had already chopped off his leg. Dolphins, one of the most influential animals known to man are recognized for their immense intelligence. They are the inspiration for numerous mermaid tales and they truly proved their worth in a manner Todd would never forget.

3. Parrot Saves Baby’s Life

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Willie’s act of bravery certainly deserves a spot on this list of unbelievable animals that saved owner’s lives. When 2 year old Hannah was choking to death Willie squawked to the babysitter Megan in a way that she had never heard before. To further gain her attention Willie kept saying “mama baby.” That was enough for Megan to find Hannah just in the nick of time.

2. Brookfield Zoo Ape Saves Boy After Fall

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A 3-year-old boy accompanied his mother to Brookfield zoo, Chicago before wandering off and climbing over into the ape pit before falling 20 feet to the ground. Seeing the danger the boy was faced in, Binti Jua an 8-year-old ape cuddled the boy, keeping him safe from other apes before eventually handing him over to the zookeepers.

1. Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers

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The strangers tale of unbelievable animals that saved owner’s lives or human beings in general would be that of a 12 year old girl who was kidnapped and beaten by four men. According to BBC, a pack of lions emerged from the forest, chasing off the kidnappers and kept watch over the girl till the police came. Then they disappeared back into the forest.

From domesticated animals to wild animals, these amazing animals have in one way or the other contributed to the continued existence of the human species and for this we remain eternally grateful. Comment, like, and share.

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