Top 10 Most Amazing Female Voices

Every industry is now buzzing with ladies in today’s era and the music industry is no less. And even that is ruled by amazing female voices that leave their imprints in one’s mind and their charming female voices calm your mind and bring solace to your soul as you drown in their songs and tap your feet with it.

The top ten amazing female voices of 2016 who have claimed the hearts of many audiences are:

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10. Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani is one of the most amazing female voices of 2016 that has impacted it’s audience with her solo album ‘This is What Truth Feels Like’ which was on the number one charts after being filmed for a live video of her song ‘Make Me like you’ which created a history in 2016 and makes her place at number 10 here.

9. Katy Perry

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She owns the most beautiful female voice as she had created a ripple in the industry by diving into the pop-culture and making a long-lasting impression on its audience on the red carpet by doing a show-stopping duet with Dolly Parton at April’s ACM Awards. With her breathtaking performance, she claims her place at top female singers of 2016.

8. Jennifer Lopez

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When you start with the music industry and look for artists, Jennifer Lopez is the name which will be on every top chart of the year as she is a woman with many talents, one of which is having the amazing female voice. Jennifer Lopez’ songs have always gained fame and applause from the audience as people love listening to this most saught after singer of the decade. She had also managed to bag her place in 8th position in top female singers of 2016 by her recently launched album ‘Ain’t your Mama’.

7. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga hasn’t made any latest release in 2016 but she remained to make an influence on her audience by her artistic performance at the stadium at this year’s Super Bowl. She rocked at Oscar’s with her nomination ‘Till it happens to you’ making her place at number 7 at most beautiful voices of 2016.

6. Ariana Grande

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Arian Grande has driven her fans crazy and wanting for more as her album ‘Dangerous Women’ is due to release making her fans waiting in anticipation for this nightingale and her amazing female voice to make them swoon and slide. Arian Grande has gone viral this year by her appearance at The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon and made her grab her position at number 6 at top females singers of 2016.

5. Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is that kid star who has surprised her audience with her singing talents and her latest release of album ‘Revival’ which had managed to grab few hits this year has made Selena the owner of one of the Amazing Female Voices and here she is at number 5 to prove it.

4. Adele

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Adele’s albums are no surprise as everyone knows that she is one lady singer with the most beautiful female voice and she had made a huge impact on her audience last year with her album 25. Adele’s latest viral video about her guest role James Corden’s show made her click back on her fan list and here she is at number 4 in top female singers of 2016.

3. Rihanna

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Rihanna who had made her debut in the film industry more than a decade ago is now rolling with a full-fledged singing career as she is blessed with the most amazing female voices in Hollywood. Rihanna has gained her popularity fast with her albums and she is now sitting at the position number 3 in top female singers of 2016.

2. Beyonce

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Beyonce is one most amazing female voice whose name remind us of the melody and lyrics as she was named for the music industry. Beyonce had launched a new album making her fans fall completely head over heels with her beautiful album movie ‘Lemonade’. Everything about the movie made us dumbstruck by her performance and here we give her the position of number 2 in top female singers of 2016.

1. Taylor Swift

Amazing Female Voices

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She is the leading lady of the Amazing Female Voices of 2016 as she won the Grammy’s Award this year for her music album. She is hearth-throb of the nation who sold over one million copies of all her last 3 albums and won her fans big time. Taylor Swift is a phenomenal singer, an amazing businesswoman and along with that, she had been gifted by the most beautiful female voice which makes her bag the position of number one in this chart of top female singers of 2016.

So, here is my list of ranking based on their popularity in 2016 and you can go to their songs and listen to them for yourself to know how beautiful and enchanting they are in their famous song tracks.

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