Top 10 Amazing Chess Moves

Compiling the best chess moves of all time is not a job for a single day. It involves compiling all the best games played over centuries and analyzing the best chess moves. This could take years and most likely fill more than one book. However, we have made an effort at bringing to light the greatest chess moves – hierarchy is subjective – that have ever been played in a competitive game of chess. These amazing chess moves are certainly worthy of mention as are the players behind them.

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10. Stefan Levitsky v. Frank Marshall


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Frank Marshall was from 1909 to 1936, the US chess champion and as such ranked amongst the strongest players of his area. In 1912, at Breslau, Germany, Marshall lived up to his reputation by making his queen free to be captured by two separate pawns. Levitsky was forced to resign. Should the queen have been captured, a mate would have ensued quickly. Stefan Levitsky was not exactly quite a champion but the sheer brilliance of Marshall’s play is why his moves in this game are ranked amongst the amazing chess moves of all time.

9. Howard Staunton Against Pierre Saint-Amant


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Let us take you back to 19th century London for the 1843 match between Pierre Saint-Amant and Howard Staunton, an unofficial match for the determination of who was the strongest chess player in the world. Staunton showed Saint-Amant how far ahead of his time he was, pulling some of the amazing chess moves of his time by activating his pieces quickly and crushing his opponent who was still yet to put most of his pieces into action.

8. HAL and Frank Poole


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Frank Poole in an inspired game – the 1910 game between Schlage and Roesch – against the HAL 9000 computer in his spaceship showed some amazing chess moves worthy of mention. Despite being directed by chess enthusiast Stanley Kubrick, the game ends at 15 moves after Poole finds his kind surrounded by a bishop, two knights and a queen. Despite the choreographed nature of the game, featuring in 2001: A Space Odyssey it still ranks amongst the greatest chess moves of all time.

7. Boris Spassky v Bobby Fischer


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The significance of this game played at the height of the Cold War in 1972 cannot be understated. Played in Reykjavik, this game saw Bobby Fischer take away the world title from Boris Spassky. Using the Queen’s Gambit this proved to be one of the best moves of all time as it showed that he was willing to change his game at the highest level and take risks. It paid off, Fischer one using one of the most amazing chess moves in history.

6. Veselin Topalov Against Garry Kasparov


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For an excellent tutorial on the amazing chess moves for attack, seek out move sheet of the Topalov and Kasparov match. These two modern giants brought it all to play for in 1999 at Wijk aan Zee in Holland. Kasparov took the game to Topalov, chasing his king across the board and sacrificing a few key pieces to capture victory. This kind of game is a rarity in recent times due to the heightened defensive awareness of modern players. However, Kasparov was a visionary who is responsible for some of the greatest chess moves in the world.

5. Lionel Kieseritzky V. Adolf Anderssen


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Despite the immense gap in quality between the two players Anderssen’s victory against Kiesritzky spelt out the true quality he held. After sacrificing all his key pieces which included a queen, both rooks and a bishop, Anderssen went on to use the most unlikely pieces – two knights and a bishop – to checkmate Kiesritzky’s cornered king. It took just 23 moves to take the 1851 victory in London.

4. The World against Magnus Carlsen


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Carlsen who still remains the worlds no. 1 chess player and was the youngest ever world champion at the age of 19 played against players from across the world. Though on paper this seemed like an impossible task, the problem was that this vast team advised by three world class players, did not have a clear strategy on how to win the game. As such, Carlsen won the game, bypassing the more stable King’s Indian defence for a more striking win, with his pawns on queenside proving unstoppable.

3. David Bronstein v. Boris Spassky

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In 1960, when this game took place, the game was dominated by Russia. Spassky who was then a soviet grandmaster and future chess champion was evenly matched with David Bronstein. Using the Kings Gambit, he allowed his pieces to quickly flow into action. The attack commenced when he sacrificed his knight to open up the game and expose the opponent’s king. So excellent was the game that it formed the basis of From Russia With Love’s chess scene.

2. Deep Blue v. Garry Kasparov


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In the match between a computer and world chess champion, it was a clash of titans. However, computers had not yet become so advanced as to be able to defeat humans. Unlike today in which such a match would be boring. In this battle between man and machine, Deep Blue, IBM’s experimental project, Deep Blue surprisingly made the necessary sacrifice in response to Gary Kasparov’s Caro-Kann defence. An effective follow up on the part of Deep Blue ensued with Kasparov eventually collapsing.

1. Garry Kasparov v. Anatoly Karpov

Amazing chess moves

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Kasparov’s name dominates some of the most amazing chess moves in history. The match played in Moscow, in 1985 saw the sheer brilliance of Kasparov putting together some of the amazing chess moves ever played in history. Kasparov made a peculiar move on the 23rd putting his rook in a position that on the face seemed not to offer a lot of prospects if any. It only became clear later on how farsighted the rook move was and how only Kasparov could pull such a genius move.

These are the amazing chess moves ever played. The list is always to change, as the game adapts, with new champions emerging daily with fresher and better techniques for achieving victory. We do hope you find this list compelling enough for you to share. If yes, do like and pass a comment too. We love reading from you.

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