Top 10 Amazing Cards For Your Sweetheart

Love is definitely in the air during the holiday season; couples are ever looking for opportunities to please each other. One technique that always works is giving amazing cards for your sweetheart. Nobody says no to a love message enclosed in a beautiful card-the charm can touch even the toughest soul. Here is a guide on selecting the best birthday cards for your sweetheart or love cards for sweetheart or any card for that matter for your loved one.

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10. Funny Love Cards

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Modern day love is less stringent which means you can use a little sense of humor to pass love to the one you love. Take a look at this message for instance, “I knew I loved you when I farted and you didn’t run away.” Normally, this would not fit into the category of amazing cards for your sweetheart but now, it is a great message of love. Change things a bit this season and add some fun to the card- it will be well received.

9. Relatable Cards

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This is a reserve for couples that get each other in a special way. These love cards for sweetheart contain messages that other people might find, well, highly unloving. An example is this, “Love is making sure you know the schedule of emptying the bin and sticking to it.” Even you must hate this message with all your guts but to someone, this is definitely one of the amazing cards for your sweetheart.

8. Make-Up Cards


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Many couples know the effectiveness of make-up cards in a relationship. Sometimes words can fail you when it comes to apologizing (oral words that is) but a written message can settle the storm in a matter of minutes. Whether you forgot your mate’s birthday or started a fight for no reason, make ups are great love cards for sweetheart.

7. Communication Cards

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We understand that couples’ cards including birthday cards for your sweetheart are a way of communicating to the person you enjoy being with but these are special in the sense of the word. Sometimes you wish to pass an indirect message like “I require your attention more,” and there is no better way to say it than writing it down. Use a love card and let your partner know what is going on inside of you.

6. Bad Move Cards

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Sometimes we wish to dig up the past a little to secure the future of the relationship. These amazing cards for your sweetheart can help you deal with a situation where something keeps recurring and you have no way of dealing with it verbally. Your spouse will take this seriously knowing you went through the trouble of having the message written in a card.

5. Personalized Cards

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Birthday cards for your sweetheart mean a lot which is why personalizing them is a smart move. You can add in a photo or two of your special moments, add a personal message and have it mailed to your mate. Ensure these birthday cards for your sweetheart have a good design especially on the photos; it will carry more weight.

4. Honest Love Cards

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If you are the kind of couple that derives satisfaction and joy in being brutally honest with each other, then these are the best love cards for sweetheart. A good example of such a card would be, “You’re the one I text when I’m drunk.” Love must be a mysterious and strange thing for such words to arouse feelings of love but hey, this world is mysterious and strange as it is.

3. Anniversary Cards

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Apart from birthday cards for your sweetheart and other romantic love cards, anniversary cards are among amazing cards for your loved one. They assure your better half he or she is constantly in your mind and you treasure special moments with them. Get out of the comfort zone and add a twist to the messages therein and watch how loved your mate will feel.

2. Weird Love Cards

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These come close to relatable cards in that they carry a unique message but these love cards for sweetheart are plain weird. Look at this for instance, “I want to grow so old with you that people cannot tell our genders apart.” It’s amazing to imagine someone would enjoy reading such a card.

1. Nerdy Cards

Amazing Cards

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Nerdy cards are our favorite amazing cards for your sweetheart. They are definitely fit for geeks only but still awesome. If you don’t believe us, check out this interesting card, “I love you like Sheldon loves his spot.” Of course if you haven’t watched The Big Bang Theory, you world have no clue what this is all about but once you understand its meaning, your whole romantic world will be transformed in an instant.

We sure hope you realize there are many ways of expressing love through cards. Don’t just scribble down anything; add some fun or nerdy comment or something special to it and see the effect it will have on your world of love. Thank you for reading and sharing this post- we invite you to read the rest of them on this website whenever you can.

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