Top 10 Most Advanced Computers

When it comes to computer or laptops, the words MAC, Samsung, Lenovo, and HP most probably come into your mind. However, these PCs are not always a great choice. These laptops do have advanced computer processor but are only limited for personal use. The organizations use most advanced computers. Such computers are known as supercomputers. They are efficient to use and best in performance. The supercomputers are embedded with the advanced computer processor and help to create advanced computer networks to manage a heavy workload. Find out the most advanced computers which still exist in the world.

The supercomputers can handle billions and trillions of data every second perform very efficiently. The list of the most advanced computers worldwide is as follows.

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10. MUC

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There is a supercomputer center of Leibniz. The supercomputer has the greatly advanced computer processor which handles great work on a daily basis. It is the third fast computer in Europe or Germany. A computer is a machine, and it might be possible that it heats up, so the most rapid water cooling system keeps the temperature low to increase the performance of the most advanced computers in the world.

9. Vulcan

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It is the American`s most expensive and the fastest supercomputer. IBM builds it. The advanced computer processor handles 4.3 petaflops with its 400,000 cores. The computer helps to perform various calculations for the Department of Energy National Nuclear Safety Administration.

8. Shaheen II

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Have you ever heard about the Shaheen II? It is based at the University of Science in Technology where the Saudia King Abdullah used to study. It is very complex to understand the manufacturing of the powerful computer, but Shaheen II has196, 608 cores and is based on the Max 5537 TFlop/s. It uses the power of 2834 kW. It is very efficient in developing advanced computer networks.

7. JuQueen

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It is also a German-based Computer and well known as the best and the most powerful supercomputer. It is ranked on number 8 worldwide. This computer also runs on IBM`s platform which makes it greater in has 459000 cores and is currently based in the Gauss Centre.

6. Stampede

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When it comes to powerful and the most advanced computers, the USA is always on the list. Stampede is the best supercomputer which can handle all the advanced calculations. It has 462000 cores and has a performance of 5.2 petaflops. The supercomputer can be used by any scientist or the researchers who contribute to the field of science or research.

5. Piz Daint

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This powerful supercomputer is Piz Daint which has the most advanced computer processor. Performing advanced computer networks is great. It is well known as the energy-efficient computer and is based on the 116000 cores. It has the features of NVIDIA which mean it can handle the graphical processing as well. It is located in the national computing center in Switzerland.

4. Mira

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Here comes another super and the most powerful computer from the US. It is another work of IBM. It was titled as a great and powerful computer in 2008 when it replaced intrepidly. It provides the performance of 8.6 petaflops with the 786000 cores. It is located in the Energy office in the US. The computer helps to perform some of the advanced computer networks to give efficient results.

3. Sequoia

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This is the powerful and the most advanced supercomputer located in California. It is the second capable computer which is based on the 1572864 cores and uses the power up to 7890kW. The incredible features and the super-fast performance makes it the second-largest PC. The computer architecture is built by IBM. There is total for supercomputers which are made by IBM and contributing entirely in the industry. It helps to create advanced computer networks.

2. Milky way 2

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1.Sunway Taihu

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This time China has taken the number 1 rank of the supercomputer. The computer is located in the Supercomputing Centre based in Wuxi. IBM does not design it neither it works on the same architecture. However, it owns amazing features which increase its performance. It consists of 10,649,600 cores and consumes less power 15371kW.

You simply cannot deduce and make the list of the powerful computer by advanced computer networks or because of their consumption. They rely on factors like performance, fast, efficiency and durability.

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