Top 10 Adorable Species of Cats

Cats are cats, and then there’s the Persian cat, right? Wrong, there’s a lot more variety in the domestic cat species. Even cat persons don’t always know to tell the cutest cat breeds apart, they’re all so adorable and cuddly especially as kittens. Does it matter what species you bring home? Yes, because different feline breeds tend to have different personalities. The following adorable species of cats (in no particular order) are also the ones that induce the biggest squeals of delight.

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10. Bengal Cat

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These slim, smart leopard-spotted cats are bright-eyed and super-active. They’re not in the least wild as they look, though cats always have a little wildness in them don’t they? Bengal cats are bright balls of energy and lots of fun to have around. You’ll find they’ll get along really well with your dogs, and older kids who want to play will love to train them since they’re quite easy to train. These adorable species of cats, when domesticated, are not aggressive, so you can have them around toddlers too.

9. Persian

9-persianImage Source: Cat Time

They say with time, pets grow to become like their owners. Though that’s not why your Persian cat is lazy. It’s in her nature. Even her voluminous body and tiny, flat face probably seems to suggest there’s nothing better than sleep, basking in the sun or cuddling with her human. But Persian cats are also one of the cutest cat breeds with a gentle, affectionate and pampered personality.

8. Manx

8-manxImage Source: Pinterest

The Manx cat stands out because it doesn’t have a tail or only has a stump of one. But these adorable species of cats are highly sociable. Your Manx will love to interact with you and if you respond with just as much affection, it can become as loyal as a dog.

7. Siamese

7. SiameseImage Source: Cat Breeds Encyclopedia

The lovely blue-eyed Siamese is another lazy cat species. But if you give her the vast outdoors to run about in, you’ll find she’s quite adventurous and loves to be entertained.. But she is affectionate and needs quite a lot of attention. One of the cutest cat breeds, the Siamese loves you so much she’s shy when strangers come home. She probably needs more attention from her human than most other cats. Whoever said cats are self-absorbed creatures? She’s sociable and intelligent.

6. American Shorthair

6-american-shorthairImage Source: Pinterest

You’ve probably seen more American Shorthairs than any other cat species. They’re the common cats with uncommonly lovely markings. The Shorthair loves people, won’t hide when visitors turn up. He loves to play with toys and puzzles. He is peaceful but you probably will have a hard time getting his permission to carry him around. Still, he will love to sit near you on the bed or the sofa.

5. Turkish Angora

5-turkish-angoraImage Source: Elelur

The ancient Turkish Angora is a gentle and playful breed that is great for families. These adorable species of cats love to push interesting objects off tables. They are demonstrative too. A simple purr isn’t enough to express joy, but the Angora must roll on her back with her feet in the air and purr as loud as she can.

4. Birman

4-birmanImage Source: Purrfect Cat Breeds

The adorable Birman is a Burmese cat that was once blessed by a blue-eyed goddess with a golden white coat and blue eyes, for his devotion to his priest. He has a soft, elegant voice with which he’ll remind you when it’s dinner time. He is gentle, affectionate and territorial without being mean or nasty.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

3-norwegian-forest-catImage Source: Purrfect Cat Breeds

This charming breed has been in Norway for centuries. There are even folktales about the magical cats that vanish in the forest. They’re quite new in the US as house pets however. These gorgeous cats are bundles of silky fur and seem to have a mysterious look in their eyes. You’ll find your Norwegian Forest Cat very playful. Since she’s territorial, she’ll tend to patrol a few times a day. She’ll also hide her toys, and if you give her enough place to run around in, she’ll keep herself trim and healthy.

2. Himalayan

2-himalayanImage Source: Wallpaper Web

The striking long-haired Himmy’s (Mr. Jinx from Meet the Parents is one) are a cross between Persians and Siamese. So they are easygoing and laid-back. If you’re looking for a cat species that will be a perfect lap warmer, this is it. These calm, intelligent felines love having conversations with their humans as well, just like the Siamese.

1. Scottish Fold

1-scottish-foldImage Source: We Need Fun

The furry, owl-eared Scottish Fold is a friendly breed. You can almost tell from their large, round eyes! Your Scottish Fold is likely to be laid-back, attention-loving and playful. These lovable and adorable species of cats come from a lineage of farm cats. So your pet will love to roam outdoors if you let him. Otherwise he’ll be more than happy to follow you around the house, rather like a pug does!

Does this list of the cutest cat breeds make you curl up your toes in joy? Do you think there’s a breed we’ve missed, that should be included here? Please comment below.

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