Top 10 Addictive Games That Have Ruined People’s Lives

According to a ratings board, the average gamer spends approximately 416 hours annually gaming. That translates to 8 hours per day. Usually a third of their day is spent playing different games, and progressing through various stages. Yet some games stand out as being capable of keeping you fully engaged for the entire 8 hours of gaming time. Those are what we consider the most addictive games. Some of these games have caused many to lose jobs thanks to an excessive number of sick days and extremely low productivity. Some addictive games online as so engaging that it is easy to forget you had a full workday ahead and wake up by 4 am. With that being said, these are some of the most addictive games online that have ruined people’s lives.

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10. Dota 2

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Valve Corporation is responsible for one of the most addictive games online today. Dota 2 is premised on a team play structure in a unique world, whilst affording users the opportunity to connect with a large community of gamers. Dota 2 has garnered a lot of well deserved attention and a profound following of addicted gamers who pursue a winning streak till the end or fight a losing streak till it breaks or dawn breaks, whichever happens first.

9. Tetris

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What is amazing about what can still be considered one of the most addictive games online today and certainly amongst the most addictive games that ever was is how Tetris has strived on for 32 years. The urge to beat your high score is so immense that it sucks you in, keeping you playing for hours. 30 years later, Alexey Pajitnov’s creation still has a dedicated following of gamers willing to put their jobs on stake for a good game of Tetris.

8. Madden

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The Madden series has since its first emergence in 1988, served as a benchmark for what a successful game should be. Transiting from Apple II to Commodore 64 and DS in 1989 and thereon to PC and other gaming devices in the 90s, Madden converted a large proportion of the working class to couch potatoes.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

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If you do not know what the acronym GTA means, then you certainly shouldn’t be reading this article – unless of course – you are merely conducting a research. GTA V is without doubt one of the most addictive games ever built, boasting seamless strategic gameplay, more interactive characters and a fascinating storyline.

6. Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga remains amazing for how well it transformed the gaming industry. Free to play, but with an option to pay for certain bonuses, it has been the major reason behind its developers, King, becoming the $7.5 billion business that it is today. Candy Crush Saga remains one of the most addictive games online today.

5. Minecraft

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No list of the most addictive games online that ever was without mentioning Minecraft. Since its development a short while ago, it has brought millions of children and adults together to build structures, fight zombies and skeletons and mine for valuable minerals. Most Minecraft players report forgetting the time while playing the game, as is the case with every addictive game.

4. EverQuest

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In the early 2000s, the world was hit with the first semblance of “video game addiction.” The name of the game was EverQuest. Developed and released by Variant Interactive, the most addicted gamers reported staying up for 20 – 30 hours straight playing the game. It still remains one of the most addictive games that ever was.

3. The Sims

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Of course The Sims had to make the list. Who wouldn’t pick up on the chance to play God – create the town, create the players, their family and their home? With perfect control of virtually every aspect of the Sims world it is understandable why this was and still ranks top of the most addictive games of all time.

2. World of Warcraft

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At no. 2 on the list of most addictive games online that ever was is the game that attracted millions of gamers and trillions of hours of playing time. Despite the slight shortfall in the number of gamers in recent years, the fact that the game still commands such a large following is a testament to the games longevity and addictiveness.

1. Pokemon

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Pokemon took hold of us as youths and grew with us unto adulthood, refusing to let go of its hold on us. Despite our responsibilities as adults with families, jobs and mature responsibilities to take care of, we are yet to fight off the urge to catch ‘em all. It ranks first as the most addictive games online till this day.

So here are the most addictive games that have been a cause of ruin to the lives of many. Like, comment and share.

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