Top 10 Meaningless Promises of Politicians in Election Campaign

We do recognize that politicians lie. It is an integral part of politics. Yet there are some meaningless promises of politicians that are baffling. We have gone through various politicians’ election campaign promises to analyze some of the worst political promises in election campaign. Sometimes, we wonder if these meaningless promises of politicians are ever […]


Top 10 Ways People Invest Money

Gordon Gecko of Wall Street is one of Michael Douglas´ most popular roles. And Gordon Gecko´s most popular quote is “the greed is good”. Well, at least it is normal. We all want to earn more money, all the time. And to do so, you need to invest something – your time, work or other […]

Top 10 Greatest Drama Books Of All Time

Nothing can beat the beauty of a well-written composition in verse or prose used to present a dialogue or pantomime. With so many great compositions out there, it is tough discovering which to read. Truthfully, due to differing tastes, we cannot tell you what to read, but we can guide you. We have through our reviews […]


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