Top 10 Best Innovations in Technology

Technology has become a huge part of human life that sometimes we wonder how life was during the primitive era. Our ancestors missed out on a great opportunity to make their lives easy, fun, entertaining and convenient. Granted, life without technology inventions had pros of its own and we, the present generation, can never testify […]

Top 10 Ancient Technologies Used Every Day

Top 10 Ancient Technologies Used Every Day

The humankind has seen a lot of evolution through different eras. The earliest times were full of marvelous opportunities as there was so much to discover and invent. The Ancient Roman Empire took full advantage of those opportunities and gave us several ancient technologies that are still being used today in an evolved form. An […]

Top 10 Fun Facts about Microwaves

Top 10 Fun Facts About Microwaves

The Microwaves have slowly warmed their way into our hearts as a mundane convenience for our everyday meals. Little do we know that once upon a time such a convenience was non-existent. Indeed, until 1946, almost a century since the idea of electromagnetic waves first took hold, microwaves were yet to manifest. So as we […]


Top 10 Movie Gadgets That Became Real

Many times, movies depict a life that seems unattainable and too far-fetched for the current world. You must have found yourself, at least once, sitting in front of a big screen following the action and wishing some of the movie gadgets there would be brought to real life. Well, here is the good news; they […]

Top 10 Free To Use Technologies

Top 10 Free-to-Use Technologies

We are living in an era where free use technology is peaking and new breakthroughs are made in every field leaving us baffled. There was a time when we couldn’t even think to connect with a person few miles away. But technology has made it possible that we can sit in the comfort of our […]


Top 10 Aviation Ideas That Didn’t Fly

Many of you are aware of the relationship between inventions and failure. History reveals quite a good number of aviation ideas that didn’t make it to the finish line despite taking a lot of effort, time and resources. Granted, some were really hopeful and we can almost see creativity and skill behind the creation. Some, […]


Top 10 PC Builds for Gaming

PC gaming has had its downs but it’s now stronger than ever. Gaming PC builders have come up with some really impressive power PC builds for gaming that are guaranteed to give you the gaming experience of a lifetime. Here is a complete gaming PC build 2016 guide to help you pick out the best build […]


Top 10 Technologies from Japan

Japan is one of the top leaders of the world when it comes to developing new technologies. Japanese modern technology is the most advanced technology from Asia. For instance, they have invented the dimensional elevator that can take anyone from a floor of a building to another floor in just a few seconds. In addition, […]


Top 10 Facts About Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung made a lot of groundbreaking moves with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is made to fit in big hands and big pockets. Thanks to bipolar Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reviews there is a need to highlight some of the verified Samsung Galaxy Note 7 facts. These are the selected top […]


Top 10 Apps Apt for Office

Technology has literally changed the way we live. The ubiquitous nature of the internet has made mobile apps part and parcel of our daily lives. Seeing that technology is already part of our lives, it makes sense to leverage on suitable apps for office. Let us look at some amazing apps apt for office. Image […]