Top 10 Cheapest Technologies To Generate Power at Home

Image Source: Popular Mechanics Going off-grid is great for the planet and your pocket. That is, as long as you find sustainable and cheap technologies to generate power at home. The good news is, there’s already a tradition of survivalists living on home power generation technologies around the world. Here are some ideas that you […]


Top 10 most powerful engines ever built

Engines are arguably the most important invention of man and they come in all shoes and sizes. From powering vehicles to powering manufacturing plants, the power of engines is largely dependent on horse power and efficiency. We have compiled a list of the most powerful engines in the world. This list does not only include […]


Top 10 Fastest War Airplanes in the World

After repeated fails in the aviation industry came some of the fastest war airplanes in the world. Now, we are talking about supersonic speed; the kind of speed that can take you from flying at an altitude of 5km to the point you dance with the clouds in a matter of minutes. These world’s fastest […]


Top 10 Must-Have Garden Appliances

Spring is around the corner and this means one thing- gardening! It is such a fulfilling experience to get your hands dirty at your backyard for a good cause right? What better way to enjoy gardening while filling your table with fresh food, than to ensure you have all the essential garden appliances. Here is […]


Top 10 Fastest Cars In The Entire World

One of the greatest measures of a cars performance is its speed. That is why throughout history, mankind has competed for the most coveted automobile title of fastest cars in the world. With records constantly being set, matched and broken we provide you with a comprehensive, and conclusive list of the world fastest cars. This […]

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Samsung over Apple

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Samsung over Apple

In the world of technology, there is hardly a rivalry similar to this one. Apple and Samsung are fighting hard for the position of the strongest kid on a playground. A new model of one manufacturer is always being compared with the top model of the second one. With recent problems of Samsung´s Galaxy Note […]


Top 10 Most Powerful Engines Ever Built

Determining the most powerful engines ever built is entirely dependent on how you look at it. Engines are built for various machines from aircrafts to motorcycles, motor vehicles to trains, rockets to industrial turbines and so on. Because of this we have decided to compile a list that looks at the most powerful engines ever […]


Top 10 Super Computers for You

Image Credit: No matter whether you are a computer geek or a real novice, when it comes to all that is techie, you will be very interested in our Top 10 Super Computers list. From mediocre beginnings the computer has taken leaps and bounds to where it currently sits on the “oh my word” […]