Little-Known Facts about Gravitational Waves

Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Gravitational Waves

Isaac Newton will forever be a science icon, thanks to his one-of-a-kind greatest discovery- the gravitational pull. Actually, the real credit goes to the apple tree which let down one of its fruits that ended up on top of Isaac’s head. It is easy to ignore the importance of the gravitational waves discovery here on […]


Top 10 Facts About the Creation of the Universe

The immense vastness of the universe is the reason why most astronomers have always come to different conclusions about the creation of the universe. Whilst there are varied ideologies about the creation of the universe, some facts about the universe are unmistakable. Many of these facts of the universe can actually point us in the […]


Top 10 Unknown Facts About the Milky Way Galaxy

The galaxy we live in is immense and has a lot of secrets. Its diameter is 120,000-180,000 light-years and it is Earth’s home, humanity’s birthplace. Milky Way Galaxy facts are discovered throughout time by scientists and experts in the field of astrology. The Solar System we are part of is about 27,000 light-years far from […]


Top 10 Space Mysteries Revealed

We surely do not know why the universe confuses us so much. May be, the universe just loves to confuse us at all time. Some space mysteries are so confusing that even the best physicists and astronomers cannot explain them. Today, we will discuss some of the most amazing mysteries revealed about space. Here is […]


Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Space

It is still mind-blowing when we think about how massive our galaxy is. There are still a lot more amazing things about space that we are yet to understand. Everyday new discoveries emerge. Whilst is one of the more well-known space facts Mars could have supported life, Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have also raised […]


Top 10 Upcoming Space Programs

A space mission refers to a journey into outer space in either a manned or in some instances, an unmanned space shuttle for purposes of space exploration. Here is a collection of upcoming space programs that have made it to our list of the top ten space programs to watch. Image credits: Space Answers 10. […]


Top 10 Galaxy Shapes You Would Never Believe Exist

According to scientists, our universe is composed of billions of other galaxies bearing similarities to our very own Milky Way. However, these galaxies take different shapes and sizes. Basically, there are three types of galaxies; Spiral, Elliptical and Irregular. However, these three outlined galaxy shapes types are further divided into numerous subtypes such as those […]


Top 10 Largest Known Asteroids

One of the facts about asteroids is that estimating their sizes is difficult due to their varied reflectivity (albedo), irregular shapes and small angular diameter. So we decided to compile a list based on the data we could acquire of the largest well known asteroids today. Image Credit: Wikimedia   10. 15 Eunomia Image Credit: […]


Top 10 Biggest Discoveries about Space

Image credit: Space The discovery of the outer space remains to be one of the greatest achievements of the round headed creature also known as “man”. Biggest discoveries on mars speculate on the possibilities of life on other planets. As much as these speculations are not yet fully confirmed, people from all over the world […]


Top 10 Spacecraft Secrets

Space travel is filled with countless secrets – from tales of unidentified spacecraft secrets to alien discoveries. It is only natural that this should be expected of a medium used in exploring the vast unknown. Not to us. We have looked under the hood of space travel to let you in on the hidden secrets […]