Top 10 Interesting Things About Traveling In Space

Image Source: Sculpteo There must be more fascinating facts about space travel than there is about anything else. After all, traveling through vacuum and low gravity is nothing like travel on Earth! And with the first passenger flight around the moon (by SpaceX) planned for 2018, now is a good time to stay up to […]


Top 10 Planets Discovered

Every year new planets are discovered. This planets discoveries gives us greater enlightenment into the origin and nature of our universe. They planets discovered so far have also helped us to answer a fundamental question that has bothered us for millennia, is there life out there? This list takes a look at the top 10 […]


Top 10 Space Adventures

Can you imagine any better environment for an adventure than space? It is still almost absolutely unknown and everyone who had the privilege to spent some time there have the gloriole of an explorer and fits into the same group as Christopher Columbus, James Cook or Charles Lindbergh. While it is possible to buy a […]


Top 10 Biggest Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy

Research into the bodies contained in the Milky Way is on-going. More and more planets are being discovered with the passing of time. In light of this, we would love to highlight ten Milky Way galaxy planets so we can understand the universe better. Ready? Here we go. Image source: THE HUFFINGTON POST 10. Pluto […]


Top 10 Reasons to Fly to Mars

The possibility of life in Mars has been made public in the recent years by a number of astronauts around the world. We all await the good news that the planet can support life completely so that we can invade it and have it for ourselves. So what are the reasons to fly to Mars? […]


Top 10 Unknown Facts about Black Hole

The existence of black holes is still mysterious and scientists come up with new information about them with the passing of time. For what it’s worth, one thing is clear; black holes truly exist in the universe. We may not see and touch them with our naked eyes or sophisticated instruments but one of the […]


Top 10 Things We Can Do On Mars Colony In Future

By now you must be aware that Mars exploration has been yielding promising results in the recent years. Unlike other galaxies, Mars has soil, moisture in its atmosphere, liquid water and other habitable conditions that promote life. Research is ongoing but astronauts tend to believe that n the near future, life is possible on the […]

Top 10 Failures in Space Missions

When it comes to space and the great blackness up yonder, we are all enthralled. Only a real handful have managed to launch themselves or be allowed to be launched in outer space. For those brave men and women, we do commend you. For those that are still to make their way, and maybe it […]


Top 10 Images That Prove Life On Mars

Space travel used to be a science fiction but not anymore as Neil Armstrong has managed to walk on the moon followed by many such amazing breakthroughs one after another in the space that lead to new achievements. It’s been years and scientist are trying to find alien life on mars and with lots of […]


Top 10 Unpredictable Discoveries in Space

To be honest, space exploration has yielded fantastic discoveries that have kept taking us by surprise every time they are launched. However, some of these discoveries caught us totally unawares; no one ever saw them coming. Say for instance some of the latest space discoveries that resulted in finding an asteroid with rings. It was […]