Top 10 Space Adventures

Can you imagine any better environment for an adventure than space? It is still almost absolutely unknown and everyone who had the privilege to spent some time there have the gloriole of an explorer and fits into the same group as Christopher Columbus, James Cook or Charles Lindbergh. While it is possible to buy a […]


Top 10 most powerful engines ever built

Engines are arguably the most important invention of man and they come in all shoes and sizes. From powering vehicles to powering manufacturing plants, the power of engines is largely dependent on horse power and efficiency. We have compiled a list of the most powerful engines in the world. This list does not only include […]


Top 10 Reasons the American Rottweiler is the Best

When you hear the words “American Rottweiler”, what comes to mind is an aggressive, out-of-control and selfish dog. Far be it from you to say that because this is one breed that can be sweet, cuddly and controlled. Before you conclude that you will never have this dog breed in your home, check out these […]


Top 10 Biggest Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy

Research into the bodies contained in the Milky Way is on-going. More and more planets are being discovered with the passing of time. In light of this, we would love to highlight ten Milky Way galaxy planets so we can understand the universe better. Ready? Here we go. Image source: THE HUFFINGTON POST 10. Pluto […]


Top 10 Beautiful Extinct Animals

When we hear of extinct animals, we wish they had lived long enough for us to have had a chance to meet them and gaze at their beauty. The reason for their extinction is not very clear but many speculate human’s activities had a huge part to play. The good news is that we can […]


Top 10 Fastest War Airplanes in the World

After repeated fails in the aviation industry came some of the fastest war airplanes in the world. Now, we are talking about supersonic speed; the kind of speed that can take you from flying at an altitude of 5km to the point you dance with the clouds in a matter of minutes. These world’s fastest […]