Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters in History

Nature is giving us the environment necessary for our lives. Without nature, life would not be possible on planet Earth. But sometimes, nature can spin the ultimate vortex of destruction leading to great sufferings, loss of lives and incredible financial losses. Earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, fires, storms… all are much powerful than we are and […]


Top 10 Environmental Hazards Around the World

We cannot deny the fact that our planet is undergoing negative changes which have adverse effects on plant, animal and human life. We no longer pay attention to our environment. All we do is throw litter around, burn as much coal as possible, release toxic industrial gases into the environment, use our water bodies as […]


Top 10 Most Polluted Countries

To say that we can find a country totally free from pollution would be an outright lie. That notwithstanding, some countries have really pulled up their socks as far as pollution is concerned. These countries who decided to take the bull by its horns ensure a safe environment for animal, plant and human life. Some, […]


Top 10 Ways to Go Green

With all the focus on climate change and the impact of man’s activity on the health of mother earth, it is no longer so surprising why everyone is talking about going green and posting articles that give go green ideas all over the internet. The idea is that if you really care about the earth […]


Top 10 Endangered Species Brought Back from the Brink

Thanks to the global conservation efforts, commencing with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) 1973 in the US amongst other global measures, many formerly endangered species have been saved from being completely extinguished. The 1990s were the period in which the impact of these measures aimed at saving these would-be extinct species was truly felt. Here we […]


Top 10 Hottest Lakes on Earth

  The summer holidays may be over – I sincerely do hope you had a good one – but if you didn’t there then I guess it’s probably time you started planning for next year. To do that we are bringing you a few great ideas, or rather just many different options in exploring one […]