Top 10 Environmental Issues Humans Are Struggling With

Image Source: Environmental Issues When was the last time we Humans environmental issues were at peace with our environment thus with No Environmental Issues? Millions of years, unfortunately. Nature’s “Slide into limbo” has become Humans Environmental Issues. Repeat that in your head… Millions! What have we done in between? Bingo! We’ve made enemies with our […]


Top 10 Concerns About Artificial Intelligence

Image Source: Allevi8marketing There is a growing concern about artificial intelligence. In the last decade, artificial intelligence concerns have grown tremendously as its use and acceptance grows. From optimizing logistics to conducting research, intelligent machines are transforming the way we work. According to investment figures and polls, machine learning and artificial intelligence will soon be […]


Top 10 Strange Environment Events

Since times unrecorded, planet earth has experienced craziest environment events from the hands of Mother Nature. Environment events are undesirable extreme environmental responses caused by natural processes that result in severe damage to lives, properties as well as the ecosystem. These strange environment events include flood, tsunami, cyclones, blizzards, hurricane, drought, famine, heat wave, avalanche, […]

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cars

Sales of vehicles that are eco-friendly are plummeting at a rapid pace with the decline in gasoline prices. Automakers are rolling more fuel-efficient cars which include Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius Hybrid along with New Tesla model. A host of electric and hybrid models have made their way to the roads. Vehicles running entirely on electricity have […]

Save Earth

Top 10 Ways to Protect Earth from your Home

Before our individual homes, comes our general abode-planet earth. The sustenance of this abode is of utmost priority. Many human activities have, in a lot of ways, contributed to the deterioration of the health of planet earth. A lot of times we are unconscious of how much damage some of our daily activities can cause […]


Top 10 Effects of Radioactive Emissions on Livestock

When radioactive material finds its way to the air, its effects spell doom for animal, plant and human life. Nuclear disasters which lead to such radiations include accidents in nuclear facilities like government facilities, nuclear plants and industrial facilities, detonation of nuclear weapons and transportation accidents. Radiation is a matter of public concern because we […]


Top 10 Landscapes Untouched by Humans

Humans are notorious for encroaching into beautiful and serene eco-systems meant to remain untouched as long as the world exists. You cannot compare the beauty of the planet which was a few millenniums ago with the present one. Sometimes we wonder what our future generations will be left with. How are you supposed to convince […]