Top 10 Invention of the Ancient World

Throughout the entire history of the world, some of the biggest and life changing ancient inventions have defined different civilizations. Ancient world inventions have simply changed the way we live our life. They have enabled us as well as our ancestors to make our life easier and more enduring with much lesser hindrances and hardships. […]


Top 10 Accidental Scientific Discoveries

When it comes to researching something, accidental scientific discoveries are rare. Usually, every scientific discovery is the product of painstaking periods of research and repeated failure. However, many of the greatest discoveries that shaped our human existence did not actually go through that process. Some were the lucky result of an accident or failure. We have […]


Top 10 Weirdest Inventions That Work

Whether you come up with a silly or funny invention, the world doesn’t really care. What makes the difference is providing a solution to an existing problem. You would be surprised to know that some of the biggest breakthrough inventions, such as the toilet flush, began as the weirdest inventions ever known to man. This article […]

Vinci Inventions

Top 10 Da Vinci Inventions

One of the greatest ironies was how Leonardo who was one of the greatest inventors of all time could not have impacted on inventions during his lifetime. The probable reason is that they were made for centuries later. Most of his inventions only began to appear 400 years after his death. Out of respect to […]