Top 10 Largest Predators Ever

The primitive times surely got some of the largest predators ever and the most terrifying ones who have ever walked the earth. Some of the greatest animal predators during the prehistoric period depended on their innate strength and speed while others employed the essence of surprising their preys. This kind of action is to satisfy […]

Top 10 Skills of the Animals You Never Knew

Top 10 Skills of the Animals You Never Knew

It is true that all animals are motile. This means that animals can move instinctively and without any help throughout their life. Normally, their body feature or structure becomes fixed, as they grow, mature, or reach a certain point. However, there are other animals that undergo a metamorphosis stage in a later part of their […]


Top 10 Animals That Are Nocturnal

Nocturnal animals are as their name suggests, are masters of the night. They spend their days sleeping and in the night they come alive. Because the animals that are nocturnal do not meet us at dawn, we rarely know them. So we have decided to take it upon ourselves to compile a list of the […]


Top 10 Scientific Discoveries About Animals

Year after year, scientists are searching the deserts, museums and jungle in order to examine animals and discover new species or new things about them. Last year was a flood year for new scientific discoveries animals. For instance, there were strange animal discoveries in Australia, China and Galapagos. Scientists are trying to learn as much as […]


Top 10 Mysterious Ocean Animals

A few ocean animals are well known to man. A number of them still spell mystery for the most educated and elite human being. We have read about them but wonder how they came to existence, how they feed, mate, play and basically enjoy life in the deep waters. In light of this, today we […]

Top 10 Aquatic Depredators

Three-quarters of the Earth surface is covered by water. Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ponds… Even the smallest spill of water contains a specific ecosystem full of predators and their prey. Here is the list of some of the most interesting aquatic predators. Photo Credit: Wikipedia 10. Great white shark Photo Credit: CNBC OK, be honest. […]


Top 10 Situations in which Pet is Smarter than You

Is man the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom? And is it farfetched to think that animals are smarter than humans? Granted, man is indeed very intelligent. What we have accomplished over the years speaks for itself. But every now and then, your pet will do something that will leave you wondering farm animals are […]


Top 10 Weirdest Names in the Animal Kingdom

If you thought scientists don’t have a sense of humor, just think about the weirdest animal names they give to some animals. Granted, some of the animals are weird so they also need the weirdest name. However, some names are just silly and it is hard to imagine what was going through the minds of […]

Maine Coons Are the Best Cats

Top 10 Reasons Maine Coons Are the Best Cats

Maine Coons are one the most popular cats breeds presently in the US and rightly so. The Maine Coon cat breed has many amazing characteristics that make one of the more favored choices for the home. So you therefore needn’t blame us for entreating you to read the top 10 reasons the Maine Coon cat […]