Top 10 Reasons Dogs Show Behavior Problems

Your puppy may be the sweetest creature on the planet. But as she grows older, sometimes she may get aggressive towards strangers (friend or foe) or other pets, much to your distress. What could possibly cause behavior problems in older dogs? It’s important not to forget that no matter how much you treat your dog […]

Top 10 Cheapest Technologies To Generate Power at Home

Going off-grid is great for the planet and your pocket. That is, as long as you find sustainable and cheap technologies to generate power at home. The good news is, there’s already a tradition of survivalists living on home power generation technologies around the world. Here are some ideas that you can use to reduce […]

Top 10 Adorable Species of Cats

Cats are cats, and then there’s the Persian cat, right? Wrong, there’s a lot more variety in the domestic adorable species of cats. Even cat persons don’t always know to tell the cutest cat breeds apart, they’re all so adorable and cuddly especially as kittens. Does it matter what species you bring home? Yes, because […]

Top 10 Planets Discovered

Every year new planets are discovered. This planets discoveries give us greater enlightenment into the origin and nature of our universe. The planets discovered so far have also helped us to answer a fundamental question that has bothered us for millennia, is there life out there? This list takes a look at the top 10 […]

Top 10 Space Adventures

Can you imagine any better environment for an adventure than space? It is still almost absolutely unknown and everyone who had the privilege to spent some time there have the gloriole of an explorer and fits into the same group as Christopher Columbus, James Cook or Charles Lindbergh. While it is possible to buy a […]

Top 10 Most Powerful Engines Ever Built

Engines are arguably the most important invention of man and they come in all shoes and sizes. From powering vehicles to powering manufacturing plants, the power of engines is largely dependent on horsepower and efficiency. We have compiled a list of the most powerful engines in the world. This list does not only include the […]