Top 10 Supernatural Creatures From America

Remember the ghosts and the evil monsters which our parents would threaten us with when we refused to go to bed as kids or do our homework? They sure did sound ridiculous when we grew up a little but, what if I told you some of those creatures could actually exist? Have you ever wondered […]


Top 10 Scarily Plausible Hauntings

Our life is full of unexplainable stories or situations that mark our existence and remain vivid in our memories for a long period of time. No matter if we talk about the law of attraction, about creepy feelings or scary stories. Although, there are some plausible ghost stories that people actually can believe happened, as […]


Top 10 Mysterious Ghost Stories

There are some stories that we would rather choose to disbelieve. That is usually the prompting when we hear tales of ghost stories. But the truth is, that many of these mysterious ghost stories really happened. So, as we look for the spooky this Halloween, let’s throw in a few real life ghost stories that […]


Top 10 Unexplained Mystical Structures

An American naturalist recently coined the phrase out-of-place artifact (OOPart) to refer to the pieces of art that are mystical in every sense of the word. When you think about it, OOPart is actually a very appropriate name for the unexplained mystical structures of the world. The following is a list of the top ten […]


Top 10 Myths About Vampires

Mentions of vampires were quite common since ancient times. Vampire real stories were told especially in Eastern Europe and Mediterranean. However, real vampires “known” by our ancestors were completely different from that we “know” today. This is because of one man – Bram Stoker. When Stoker published his novel “Dracula”, he defined the image of […]


Top 10 X-Men Super Powers Everyone Long to Have

Is there anyone who didn´t dream about having supernatural or paranormal abilities? Everyone loves super powers and superheroes! In fictional universes presented in movies, books or comics, these super powers can be obtained by accidents, mutations or they come from using particular objects. In some cases, of course, these powers are inborn. X-Men are the group […]


Top 10 Real and Unbelievable Stories about Ovnis

We have always been baffled by the ardent refusal of our governments to admit to the existence and frequent visitations to our planet of esteemed members of extraterrestrial space. Ovnis history dates back millennia to ca. 1440 BCE when scribes to then Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III reported Ovnis reales sightings, flying discs across the sky. […]


Top 10 Most Bizarre Alien Abductions

During the entire last century, there have been many instances of alien encounters and alien abductions. While most people think of them as man-made alien abductions stories, some agree that they are true and the facts are hidden from the masses to avoid creating fear unless something concrete is known. Here, we are listing the […]


Top 10 Unbelievable Supernatural Powers that Exist

Although we live in a scientific world, there are many occurrences and phenomena that cannot be scientifically explained, reproduced or proved. Through supernatural powers and abilities, some people can do the unthinkable and the impossible. Here we are listing 10 most popular supernatural powers that exist. Photo Credit: Blogspot 10. Sixth Sense or Extra Sensory Perception […]


Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries In The World

The world is full of historical mysteries, and there are hundreds of perplexing mysteries in the world. The researchers are trying their best to solve these cases, but people still wonder about the explanations. Some of the real unexplained mysteries and stories have lived for several years and are marked as legendary stories while others […]