Top 10 Funniest Misconceptions About Chemistry

We all have our ideas about chemistry. Who should fault us? After all, we are consistently learning more about our environment and what it entails. Nonetheless, there are some commonly held misconceptions about chemistry that are downright laughable. The sad part is that many of us share the same viewpoint. It is therefore our duty […]


Top 10 Stupid Misconceptions about Science

The world is full of stupid misconceptions about science and a number of other general life topics. Do not believe everything you read, see, hear or watch- if you have no idea about the “reliability” of the source. You can choose to believe us though because we set the record straight; no beating about the […]


Top 10 Historic Misconceptions in Mogul Culture

Image Credit: Topsy Mogul empire was a state body on the Indian subcontinent and in part of today´s Afghanistan. The empire was ruled by Muslim Chagatai dynasty of Turco-Mongol ethnicity. The Mogul empire spanned across the subcontinent from 1526 and lasted to the half of the 19th century. In its peak, the empire took an […]


Top 10 Misconceptions About Our Planet

The Earth is our only home in the universe. But what do we really know about the blue planet? Humankind has a restless spirit and since the dawn of man, people were looking at the stars. However, we do sometimes forget that the knowledge about or planet is as interesting and exciting as the knowledge […]