Top 10 Fictional Horror Literature Characters

This list of fictional horror literature characters is meant for the lovers of mystery, horror and bizarre. Some of the fictional horror characters we have listed below are so scary that your worst horror movie will sound like child play. So let’s delve into them and prepare to be petrified! Image Credits: THE HUFFINGTON POST […]


Top 10 Inexplicable Disparition of People

Mysterious disappearances have been reported in thousands over the last two or so decades. What is of great concern is that victims involved in many of these unexplained disappearances have never been found. The belief is that these cases are all tied around inexplicable crimes that have never been solved after long periods of time. […]


Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies with Twist Ending

Some of the scariest Horror Movies of all time are those twist ending horror movies where you never see the end coming until you get there. As for a list of horror movies 2016, you can hardly find twist ending horror movies produced this year. Perhaps the directors and script writers believe that twist endings […]


Top 10 True Horror Stories

It is not a big secret that people like fear. That´s why there are horror books or horror movies. People like to switch the lights off and watch good horror. Since the 1922 movie Nosferatu, horror is fully established as a movie genre. Recent epidemy of scary clown incidents is also a manifestation of our […]


Top 10 Most Frightful Things that Exist as Fear

The world is full of scary things, and there are many things which make you fright. We all are humans, and there are many horrendously things to do from which we get afraid. Human nature is to react to danger or to perceive the evil which is harming us. People are incapable of protecting themselves […]


Top 10 Most Popular Witch Hunts

For centuries, most of the men and women have belief in the witchcraft. Witchcraft is now considered as a significant threat especially in the Chinese as well as a Christian society. It is a perception which was created by the people who mostly suffer from fear, ignorance, and hysteria. The fanatics and witch hunts have […]


Top 10 Horrifying Facts about Future Teller

  Living life without the certainty of what tomorrow holds is a scary prospect for most people. Mankind is always curious of what the futures has in store. When we go through a challenging moment of some sort, the first thing that comes to mind is fortune telling. While there are some indisputable success stories, […]


Horror sample post

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