Top 10 Haunted Stories Resulted in Heart Attack

Image Source: BBC Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, you cannot ignore the fact that some haunted stories resulted in heart attack. Whether or not the haunting is real, if the conditions are right, some seriously scary haunted stories can fire the fight or flight instincts of many skeptics. Whether or not you […]


Top 10 Ways to Welcome Ghost

Image source: Forever Conscious Wondering how to get rid of the wicked ghost in your home that is making you a jumpy, nervous wreck? Rule number one: call Bill Murray. If he’s too busy hunting down ectoplasm, you’ll have to think of creative solutions yourself. Walking down the hallway armed with a flashlight just won’t […]


Top 10 Supernatural Creatures

Image source: Buzzboiler People of all cultures have created stories of supernatural beings on Earth to explain things they don’t understand. Or maybe these creatures exist because we love stories, – stories keep us going. Or maybe, like the invisible Dark Matter of the Universe, they really are real – just hiding out of sight […]


Top 10 Horror Animes

It´s one of the most famous Japanese export articles, anime movies are popular all around the world. Younger generations in both Europe and North America love them. Animes cover the whole spectrum of genres, from action series to dramas, from erotic movies to crime stories. What is significant is the fact that majority of animes […]


Top 10 Disturbing but Real Serial Killer Stories

According to the definition of The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a serial killer is a person who commits “a series of murders, committed as separate events, by one offender acting alone”. The motivation for such  crimes can be various, ranging from sexual impulse or financial gain to an attention seeking. Usually, the victims have […]

Horror Movies

Top 10 Hollywood Horror Movies

Horror is one of the genres that is loved by many people. Hollywood horror movies are always exciting, fun and scary at the same time. Until now, horror movies fans have witnessed some amazing work in this genre. It is hard to decide which one is the best among others. All of them are amazing […]

unsolved mysteries

Top 10 Unsolved Horror Mysteries

The world is full of mysteries. There is no doubt that we are now living in a technologically advanced age and solution to every problem is available. But there still are many unsolved horror mysteries that are quite baffling. These horror mysteries always confuse the scientists and researchers from all across the globe. Every one […]


Top 10 Horror Movies for Dull Weekends

Horror movies are not the type of movies that common people like to watch on a romantic evening or to go to the cinema to see. However, there are a lot of people that like to watch horrors to get out of the ordinary or to escape routine or to make a normal Saturday night […]