Top 10 Political Frauds in History

Politics is a dirty business, we all know that. Despite it, we all want to believe in the opposite and we are pretending to be quite surprised when a new political scandal is revealed. History is full of frauds in which politicians misused their position to make some money or reach for some other gain. […]

Top 10 Most Followed Politicians on Twitter

Politics is closely related to social media in the present times. The world’s top leaders are now topping the list of the most followed influential people on Twitter with millions of followers with active accounts. Read on to find out if the leader of your beloved country features in the top ten list of Twitter […]


Top 10 Left-Handed World Leaders

There are a lot of left handed interesting facts discovered after all researches and studies. For instance, a study developed by a National University in Australia has shown that lefties are sharper and quicker than right-handed people. After a few tests, the results showed that left-handers are responding much faster to stimuli. Another example is […]

Political Policies

Top 10 Weirdest Political Policies

Politics around the world has seen many unusual political parties and their equally unusual political policies. But not many people have heard of these. That’s why we present to you the top 10 weirdest political policies from around the world. Image Credit: I.Ytimg 10. The Rhinoceros Party of Canada Image source: Little Red Umbrella This […]


Top 10 Political Strategies in Action

Politics is hard and dirty game. Many tricks were used throughout the time and some were really dirty. However, politicians usually call these tricks their “political strategies”. Let´s take a look on some of the most famous political strategies in action. Image Credit: Washington Post 10. It´s all about the narrative Image Credit: ReObama The […]


Top 10 Politicians That History Made a Laughing Stock Of

Being in the public eye, you would think politicians would conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. Instead, they end up becoming political laughing stocks by doing or saying inane stuff. Here are 10 politicians laughing history. Image Credit: Ask Ideas 10. Bill Clinton Image Credit: AP News America witnessed presidential impeachment for the […]

Top 10 Most Popular Political Websites

Politics never goes out of style. There is always something new happening every single day. The election season has been accompanied by heated debates and scandals. The existing government makes decisions that affect the general public directly or indirectly. Thanks to political news websites, the world has been able to keep up to date with […]


Top 10 Richest Politicians Ever

America today is famously hailed for its progress that has been marked by its years of toil in the fields of science and technology. Doubtless, and with these efforts, some men have reaped major rewards for themselves through their powers of entrepreneurship and their long-sightedness. These are men who belong to various fields of life […]

Top 10 Scandals Ever

From the big screens in Hollywood to the decision makers in the political world, these high-ranking individuals succumbed to their demons and thereby, creating juicy Celebrity Scandals. With that being said here is what we consider to be the list of the top ten scandals ever. Some of these rank from deviously perverted Hollywood scandals […]