Top 10 Billionaires Who Are Under 18

Image source: Jewish Boston It’s hard enough achieving success by the time you’re thirty. The youngest billionaires in the world on this list did it even before their eighteenth birthdays. Of course, their filthy rich parents had a huge hand in it. Not all billionaires – like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates – will pass […]


Top 10 Swimmers of History

Swimming is one of those sports which didn’t miss a single Olympics since its renewal in 1896 (male swimming events were included in the program of the Olympics since the beginning, women joined in 1912). Altogether with athletics and gymnastics, it creates the spine of every Olympic Games. Swimming roofs the second highest number of […]


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Brain over Beauty

There is no doubt that the physical attraction is an important thing for any relationship. The beauty of a person is usually the very first thing you can judge. Almost always, your first look belongs to the face and body of the woman or man you are interested in. But in the following list of […]


Top 10 Roman Proverbs

The word proverb comes from Latin proverbium and it is a term used for the description of short saying with metaphorical meaning which is widely known and used often by the people who want to say something of general validity, usually in the situation to which a proverb refers. Many proverbs have the origin at […]


Top 10 Hardest Habits to Break

They say any habit can be made or broken after 21 days of deliberately doing what you are supposed to. Well, to say the truth, breaking some of the most common hardest habits is easier said than done. It is not impossible but will take every ounce of energy from you. Most of us don’t […]


Top 10 world’s youngest billionaires

Everyone has a goal in life. Some want to be great career persons, others want to venture into business, others want to pursue their vocations – but then there are those that have only one goal – to be ultra-rich. And this article is all about that – young people who have amassed so much […]

Top 10 Businessmen in the World

The business world is ever changing and so does its players. There are however some great businessmen that have managed to stay on top of their game for a good number of years garnering tremendous success in entrepreneurship. Here is a list of the top ten famous business people whose influence is felt across the […]


Top 10 Most Dangerous Escapes

As long as people know prisons, they know also prison breaks and escapes. Some of those who are able to manage to escape from the prison are hard criminals and we always hope that they will be seized again as soon as possible. But we have a sympathy for others like POWs. In the following […]