Top 10 Hilarious Moments of 2016 USA election

From the humble beginnings of the US presidential campaigns to the announcements of results, the 2016 USA election was action packed and filled with enough hilarious moments to make Mr. Bean seem a bit too serious. We have taken on the liberty of compiling some of the hilarious moments of 2016 USA election for our […]


Top 10 Dictators in History

We all have our premonitions about who dictators are; ruthless, brutal, despicable beings, who promote autocracy and clamp down in any way possible on any form of free speech. Whilst these may be through about the most – if not all – dictators, many famous dictators in history have had softer sides. Indeed the world […]


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Brain over Beauty

There is no doubt that the physical attraction is an important thing for any relationship. The beauty of a person is usually the very first thing you can judge. Almost always, your first look belongs to the face and body of the woman or man you are interested in. But in the following list of […]


Top 10 Roman Proverbs

The word proverb comes from Latin proverbium and it is a term used for the description of short saying with metaphorical meaning which is widely known and used often by the people who want to say something of general validity, usually in the situation to which a proverb refers. Many proverbs have the origin at […]


Top 10 Unresolved International Controversies

Unfortunately, the disputes between sovereign countries over control of certain area are not the matter of the past. There are more territorial disputes all around the world than you would think. On all continents, countries are in a row with others, from Africa to Europe, from Asia to America. Some international controversies seem unimportant and […]


Top 10 Bizarrely Named Streets in England

Britain is known for many things one of which is her strange street names. Whoever suggested these bizarrely named streets in England must have been either an extremely comical character or a crazy person in the sense of the word. If you have never been to England, here is your beginner guide to weird street […]


Top 10 Hardest Habits to Break

They say any habit can be made or broken after 21 days of deliberately doing what you are supposed to. Well, to say the truth, breaking some of the most common hardest habits is easier said than done. It is not impossible but will take every ounce of energy from you. Most of us don’t […]