Top 10 Ancient Greek Politicians

Along with Egypt and Rome, Greece is considered the greatest of ancient civilizations in the popular culture. It lasted from 6th century BC to the ca. 600 AD. So-called “Classical Greece” is framed by the 5th and 4th centuries BC. The era following the “Classical Greece” was started by the military campaigns of Alexander the […]


Top 10 Most Ruthless People in World History

People look different, feel different and act differently. Therefore, people look at people differently and someone can consider another person as being a tyrant while other can see him as a hero. Still, the means that leaders use to reach their goals are less susceptible to interpretation. There are many world ruthless people in World […]


Top 10 Embarrassing Military Defeats of History

The military history knows many examples of unexpected victory of a smaller or worse equipped side. Sometimes, it took a military genius of one commander, sometimes it was the result of the military sloppiness of another. From time to time, bad luck played its role. But in every occasion, it took heroism and sacrifice of […]

Top 10 Oldest Castles of the World

Top 10 Oldest Castles of the World

Finding the oldest castles in the world isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. In the first place, even though defined as defensive structures built as a residence for noble personalities or rulers, it’s not usually very clear what main purpose castles serve. Most of us would agree that Moscow Kremlin isn’t a castle, but […]


Top 10 Historic Moments In The Mogul Culture

In 1526, Babur, the Asian invader founded the Mongol Empire. This empire ruled parts of Afghanistan, Balochistan and most of the Indian Subcontinent. The history of Mogul culture grew stronger under this Empire. Significant things took place, some of which are still present in the world today. These are the top ten historic moments in […]


Top 10 Facts about Roman History

You might have learnt a little about the history of Romans in school but we are almost sure the teacher left out a great deal of information. Worry not. That is why we are going back in time to discover a few more facts about ancient Rome for your entertainment or curiosity needs. Hundreds, if […]


Top 10 Facts About Kingdom of Yugoslavia

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a state that cut across Central Europe and South-East Europe existed from 1918 – 1943. This kingdom was a merger of the Serbs, Croats and the State of Slovenes. There have been numerous misconstrued facts about Yugoslavia during this period and we have taken it upon ourselves to set the […]