Top 10 Ancient Monuments You Didn’t Know About

Image source: Noisebreak Move aside Stonehenge, Machu Picchu. From the ancient relics of India to underwater ruins in Japan, from a giant stone slab in Georgia to an underwater Stonehenge, the mysterious ancient monuments in this list have baffled scientists and archeologists for centuries. They are also some of the lesser known mysterious ancient monuments, […]


Top 10 Dictators in History

We all have our premonitions about who dictators are; ruthless, brutal, despicable beings, who promote autocracy and clamp down in any way possible on any form of free speech. Whilst these may be through about the most – if not all – dictators, many famous dictators in history have had softer sides. Indeed the world […]


Top 10 Bizarrely Named Streets in England

Britain is known for many things one of which is her strange street names. Whoever suggested these bizarrely named streets in England must have been either an extremely comical character or a crazy person in the sense of the word. If you have never been to England, here is your beginner guide to weird street […]


Top 10 Horrifying Deaths in History

Death in itself is anything but pretty; it is the cruelest thing that can happen to anybody. What is even worse is the way in which some unfortunate people meet their unusual deaths. Everybody deserves a chance to depart in peace but it is commonplace now to hear of some of the worst horrifying deaths […]


Top 10 Most Beautiful Ancient Islands

30% land area that the earth covers has the most stunning islands. The beauty of these islands is arresting and has a great power to create an urge to visit. There are many such islands that are so isolated that no one has ever visited them. These make the best holiday destinations. When the summer […]


Top 10 History Battles

We live in times where battles are unheard of and we will forever be thankful for that. The truth of the matter however, is that the peace we so enjoy now was earned with a price namely history battles. Some of our ancestors had to fight to earn independence from other colonies or ensure they […]


Top 10 Moments the World Stood Still

The history has been filled with time-pausing moments – periods in which the world simply stood still. These groundbreaking moments in history redefined our existence and are worth recognizing. This is the rationale behind our ranking of the moments of the world stood still, compiling all the most shocking historical moments of the world that […]