Top 10 Books You Should Read if You Love Downton Abbey

If you are a TV drama series viewer, there is no doubt that you have either heard of or seen Downtown Abbey. It is one of the most watched and highly-anticipated television series due to its distinct style, and classic approach and cinematography. The bookworms out there, especially the historical drama lovers perhaps have already […]

Top 10 Anonymously Written Books

There are several stories that have been written by writers who preferred not to reveal their identities. They preferred publishing their works safely behind their pen name. This is what that makes these anonymous works more mysterious. Here is a list of top 10 books written anonymously. Image Credit: Abe Books 10. The Farce of […]


Top 10 Famous Books That Never Completed

Books and novels have always been a great pastime. Literature is useful for entertainment, education and expression of art. For these reasons, many books have become famous over the years. In many cases, famous books only become so because they were authored by famous authors, while some are simply famous because they tell a very […]


Top 10 Rarest Books on Earth

For most lovers of literature, collecting books is the best pastime. Many people do find it hard to understand the criteria used in classifying rare books, more so, the rarest books on earth. To help explain this we hope to unearth the most valuable rare books in the world today. Though you can find many […]


Top 10 Ancient Books

The ancient classics still have a lot to teach to the modern age. These are the top ten old ancient books online that we feel are a must read. Image credit: Dig Ventures   10. The Aeneid by Virgil (19 BC) Image credit: Vibe book store This epic ancient poem by Virgil is the tenth […]


Top 10 Books to Read if You Like Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin is a true testament to how fantastic historical fantasy books can be. So successful has this series been that it has emerged into a Game of Thrones series and game. The game of thrones series and games have both been highly critically and financially so successful […]

Top 10 Greatest Drama Books Of All Time

Nothing can beat the beauty of a well-written composition in verse or prose used to present a dialogue or pantomime. With so many great compositions out there, it is tough discovering which to read. Truthfully, due to differing tastes, we cannot tell you what to read, but we can guide you. We have through our reviews […]


Top 10 Must Read Books

Nothing can equate the pleasure that can be found in a good book. Sadly, not all good literature are bestsellers and vice versa. So we have tried to compile a complete list of top must read books to read online. A little warning, these may not be the top selling books you know. Image Credit: skiptomylou 10. […]


Books sample post

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