Top 10 Reasons People Prefer Freelancing Jobs

Image Source: Making Money From Home Every decision has its pros and cons but we pick a side if its pros outweighs its cons. The current wave of full time employees quitting their appointments to take up career as freelancing writer, designer, and consultants suggests that the latter has more advantage than the former. We […]


Top 10 Ways to say “NO” to your boss

What we all have in common is to be at a workplace, sooner or later, and then continue on to eternity that way; in other words, every day till retirement hits us. Unlike most other activities in life, working on a job requires us to be religious in our endeavors, conscientious in our approaches and […]


Top 10 Secrets to Sustain Happiness in Life

It is oftentimes seen among a properly studied cross section of modern human consensus that most people do seem to be getting things right after all. But what is it that keeps making them such losers, such loners and more often than not, hopeless romantics in dire need of a silver lining of blinding bright […]


Top 10 Tips to Stay Stress Free During Exam

Managing exam stress has been one of the major issues for students. Why is exam period stressful? This is the period when you need to read hard, coupled with the tension that comes with exam. To decrease stress during exams, there are some key tips to bear in mind. Below are 10 ways to be […]


Top 10 Ancient Monuments You Didn’t Know About

Image source: Noisebreak Move aside Stonehenge, Machu Picchu. From the ancient relics of India to underwater ruins in Japan, from a giant stone slab in Georgia to an underwater Stonehenge, the mysterious ancient monuments in this list have baffled scientists and archeologists for centuries. They are also some of the lesser known mysterious ancient monuments, […]


Top 10 Books on Wildlife Photography

Image Source: Designer’s Hub Wildlife photography is tough and it is rewarding. This is a list of the best wildlife photography books around to inspire you. Some are photo books, full of stunning photos that well-known pros have taken. These will motivate you. Others are manuals and guide books to help you learn the craft. […]


Top 10 Life Changing Books

Image Source: IB Times You may read for fun, out of curiosity or to learn new things. As you read, sometimes you’ll come across life changing books in unexpected places. These books may teach you a lesson. Sometimes they may articulate your own feelings with surprising accuracy. When you’re in a dark place, some books […]


Top 10 Biggest Presidential Debates in History

Live presidential debates are always fun to watch. They’re a mix of political theater and some hilarious moments when the debaters are tongue tied (remember Rick Perry’s ‘Oops’). Millions of Americans have tuned in to some of the biggest presidential debates in history. Here’s a look at the top ten most-watched presidential debates. Most of […]


Top 10 Billionaires Who Are Under 18

It’s hard enough achieving success by the time you’re thirty. Check the youngest billionaires who are under 18 on this list. Of course, their filthy rich parents had a huge hand in it. Not all billionaires – like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates – will pass on all of their fortune to their kids. But […]


Top 10 Meaningless Promises of Politicians in Election Campaign

We do recognize that politicians lie. It is an integral part of politics. Yet there are some meaningless promises of politicians that are baffling. We have gone through various politicians’ election campaign promises to analyze some of the worst political promises in election campaign. Sometimes, we wonder if these meaningless promises of politicians are ever […]