Top 10 Untold Facts about Alaska

There are some untold facts about Alaska that everyone doesn’t knows. That it’s remote, cold and has more lakes (3 million) than people (less than a million). That it has its own natural light show. That it’s moose – and not chickens – that are often seen crossing the road. Image Source: Alaska Guide Now here […]


Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends Among Teens

The spring is about to begin and many people are eager to know what the new fashion trend will bet his season. Of those who like to look trendy, the teens are the prominent group. For them, the fashion is the way how to express their personality and how to show their social status. That […]


Top 10 YesterYear’s Fashion Which Are Back Again

History ‘trends’ to repeat itself. This is especially true in the world of fashion and beauty. In this constant reincarnation of fashion trends, it is clear that the fashion of yesteryear can always be the fashion of today. We have compiled the top yesteryear’s fashion trends that have made it back to the runways and […]


Top 10 DIY Breakfast in Office

Forget the romantic image of the family having breakfast together before each member is leaving the house to his or her workplace or school. With the fast-moving lifestyle of our time, it is more than usual that people are eating their breakfast in their office. While it can be hardly the ambition of this short […]

Top 10 Most Photogenic Places on Earth

Top 10 Most Photogenic Places on Earth

Earth is a truly beautiful place; no doubt about it. From hills and valleys to beaches and forests to animals, our planet is endowed with the most photogenic destinations. Some of these amazing places on earth give us an opportunity to appreciate our world better and learn how to take care of it. Follow through […]


Top 10 Recipes Using Leftover Chicken

What happens when you realize you have tons of leftover chicken in your freezer with no clue as to how to get creative with it? The answer lies on the numerous leftover chicken recipes you can look into when faced with this question. Lucky for you, today we are all about highlighting ten of these […]


Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry

Since the prehistoric times, jewelry provided its owners the expression of beauty, social status, the source of magical powers and people were wearing it for many other reasons throughout the ages. Recently, we do even have a prove that the Neanderthals were using jewelry 135,000 years ago. The Neanderthals has made their jewelry of animal […]


Top 10 Frequently Encountered Health Issues

While some health issues people encounter are rare, there are quite a few health problems that are considered common. This is simply because they are problems faced by a wider proportion of the human race. Some of are common mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and psychotic disorders. Most women’s […]


Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands

A sustainable fashion is a term which describes the entrepreneurial philosophy combining an ethical approach, social responsibility and minimizing the impact of the business on the environment. First sustainable fashion brands were Patagonia and ESPRIT in the late 1980s. There are many organizations promoting a sustainable approach all around the world. It should be noted […]


Top 10 Hair Styles Worn by Musicians

Music and style go hand in hand as far as we are concerned no wonder most iconic hair styles for musicians is a big thing. Talent is definitely very important but so is fashion. As soon as popularity checks in, celebrities often enlist the help of stylists and fashion consultants to help them look their […]