Top 10 Disgusting Insects that are good to Eat

For a good number of us, eating insects is just out of question; we’d rather die than shove them down our throats. Well, as we fringe at the thought of ingesting disgusting insects, some people somewhere in the planet survive on them. They eat insects for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner and they live […]


Top 10 Dishes That You Must Taste if you are in USA

American cuisine is best known for its processed, junk and fast food. However, there is a quite impressive list of dishes that you need to taste while you are in the USA. There is something delicious which would suit everybody’s diet. Food recipes USA are rich in carbs yet delightful. Forget your diet plan while you are […]


Top 10 Best Food for Weight Loss and Diet

Nobody will ever count how much paper was covered with descriptions for “guaranteed” diets and other ways how to lose weight and look beautiful. The truth is that there is no miraculous recipe for it, rather than that the quest for a perfect body is always connected with some level of asceticism and hard effort. […]

Top 10 Best Food for Health and Beauty

People do so many things to look young, beautiful and healthy. They are willing to spend as much as they can for increasing their overall appearance and personality. Well, looking good and healthy is as easy as pie. All you need to do is take good care of yourself and eat healthy food for beauty at […]

Top 10 Quirky Dishes

The world is a global village now. Foods and dishes that were only limited to one country before are now easily available all across the globe. In the USA, there are different restaurants specialized in providing food items that belong to other countries. So, tasting something new is not a difficult task and quirky food dishes […]


Top 10 Best Cold Dishes

You have friends coming over this evening and you don’t have time for cooking your specialty? Maybe, it’s time to try something new and easy to prepare. You can find a lot of cold dish recipes on the internet, easy to prepare, fast and tasty to surprise your friends. It’s only human that after a […]

Top 10 Italian Food Recipes

Top 10 Italian Food Recipes

If you were to ask a toddler which countries have the best food recipes, he will not even think for a second before blurting out Italy! In a sense, we are just like the kids because we are well aware of the fame surrounding Italian food recipes. They say that when you visit Italy, you […]


Top 10 Foods that are More Expensive than Gold

In this tough life where atrocities often surround us, many people have come to the conclusion that there is only one loyal best friend in this world; one who never fails to fuel frenzy their feelings, and stirs incessant jubilation in their hearts. You’ve guessed it! It’s that very word that can instantly throw away […]


Top 10 Vietnamese Recipes to Eat Tonight

Do not think you have tasted the quintessence of Vietnamese recipes when you grab a bite of Spring rolls, Bánh Mì or Phở. Though these dishes represent Vietnamese food recipes in its element, they are not the isolated few. The Vietnamese recipes we are about to show you are some of the best to eat. […]