Top 10 Hottest Chillies in the World

What makes the world’s hottest chillies? According to the American Spice Trade Association, it is the concentration of capsaicin. That’s the stuff which kicks the roof of your mouth, and makes the pain in your body disappear. So, what are the hottest chillies in the world? It’s not easy to say, because in some part […]


Top 10 Amazing Restaurants In The World

Image Source: The Daily Meal Do you think a plain croissant tastes better when you have it under ornate marble roofs with ornate, royal chandeliers? Does spaghetti taste better in a grotto right by the sea, with the waves flowing below your feet? Some of the most amazing restaurants in the world are built in […]


Top 10 DIY Breakfast in Office

Forget the romantic image of the family having breakfast together before each member is leaving the house to his or her workplace or school. With the fast-moving lifestyle of our time, it is more than usual that people are eating their breakfast in their office. While it can be hardly the ambition of this short […]


Top 10 Recipes Using Leftover Chicken

What happens when you realize you have tons of leftover chicken in your freezer with no clue as to how to get creative with it? The answer lies on the numerous leftover chicken recipes you can look into when faced with this question. Lucky for you, today we are all about highlighting ten of these […]


Top 10 Spiciest Edibles on Earth

Are you one of those who are daring enough to try cuisines which may possibly lead to your death? Are you one of those who cannot live in a world without the hottest peppers? Scientists believe that those who love spicy dishes enjoy the boost of both pain and pleasure derived from the heat. It […]


Top 10 Recipes your Guests shall Love Eating

Aside from drinks and great company, a party’s success is directly proportional to great food. There is no point in hosting a big party when your recipes are not in order. You are lucky we are here to illuminate some of the best party foods your guests will love so read on and find out […]


Top 10 DIY Food Hacks

Cooking is an activity loved by many but hated by much more. Especially cooking under the pressure of short time. You probably know that very well: you come back from work and you have no more than few dozens of minutes for preparing the meal for yourself and your family. Here is the list of […]


Top 10 Biggest Hamburguers on Earth

Are you a foodie? If so, you are on the right page at probably the right time. It is next to impossible to believe that you don’t love burger if you are a foodie. What’s not there to love about a burger? It has the delicious and perfectly cooked meat, fries, vegetables, the cheese drooling […]


Top 10 Beer Desserts

Looking for something creative to do with just one bottle of your six pack whilst the remaining five ready up to be guzzled straight out the bottle? That’s why we are here. Here are a few ideas that could help you make the best dessert out of beer. Image credit: Hallmark ideas 10. Lager Waffles […]