Top 10 Latest Wearables in the Fashion Industry

Whoever discovered the link between technology and fashion deserves the biggest crown of all time. This brilliant mind opened our eyes to the opportunities available in the world of fashion while giving tech operations an overhaul as well. Spies for instance can do their job without being suspected of being in possession of one of […]


Top 10 Style Icons of 2016

In few days from now, 2016 will be over with all its ups and downs, twists and turns and all things stylish. As we look back, we cannot forget the fashion icons that took centre stage in the industry with their elegant statements that turned every head wherever they went. Some are completely new style icons […]


Top 10 Ways to Stay Updated with Latest Fashion Trends

No one could overestimate the importance of good dressing. Good dressing makes you feel more comfortable. It is also a confidence booster. The saying, “Dress for Success,” is not misplaced. Excellent fashion ethics would help you become more successful in your personal and professional life. The sorry part is most people do not feel that […]


Top 10 Style Trendsetters This Winter

The term audacity is going to be the word of the season when it comes to winter fashion trends. You need to demonstrate boldness for carrying off the deluge of electro furs, pink, couture red and mauve from head to toe. This winter is going to welcome puffy volume, oversized street wear, corseted waists and […]


Top 10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarves are not only an accessory for cold weather. They are useful assets in the wardrobe for stepping up your outfit and bringing it into the limelight from the shadows where it once stood. This can only be fully achieved if you can find the best ways to wear a scarf. This is the reason […]


Top 10 Stylish Ways to Rock a Hat

Many women have this absurd notion that wearing hats is a reserve for the wealthy, famous and people with a great taste for fashion. This is wrong in so many ways. Hats are as stylish as they are comfortable all year round. All you need to do is throw it on your head and be […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Purses

Top 10 Most Expensive Purses

Apart from clothing, a purse or handbag, whatever you wish to call it, enhances the fashion statement of every woman. Designers realized this a long time ago and took full advantage of the situation by creating the most expensive purses money can buy. Perhaps it is the thrill of showing off how moneyed they are […]


Top 10 Tallest Platform Heels

For men, high heels are a symbol of sexiness and attractiveness. For women, high heels are a tool that makes them look taller and slimmer. Also, for women, high heels can be a source of confidence. Fashion designers do what they can to design the most interesting and the most eccentric heels to attract attention. […]


Top 10 Freaky Fashion Fads

Fashion has played a defining role in our existence throughout history. It still remains as important today as it has always been. We are propelled by the urge to stand out, distinguish ourselves from the crowd. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list […]