Top 10 Most Useful Herbs for Good Health

Herbs are good for you. We’ve known this for centuries. Herbalists and ancient apothecaries have been using herbs for hundreds of years to cure illnesses. These days we rely more on pharmaceutical drugs to heal us, and use herbs for flavoring our food. But really, employ these Useful Herbs for Good Health when you’re feeling unwell, and you might […]


Top 10 Hottest Chillies in the World

What makes the world’s hottest chillies? According to the American Spice Trade Association, it is the concentration of capsaicin. That’s the stuff which kicks the roof of your mouth, and makes the pain in your body disappear. So, what are the hottest chillies in the world? It’s not easy to say, because in some part […]


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hum Croatia

Image source: Total Croatia News Croatia has picturesque coastal towns, perfect pebbled beaches, breathtaking natural beauty, delicious seafood, and also the world’s smallest town: Hum. Visit Hum, Croatia when you are feeling like a quiet day out in Istria, enjoying excellent local brandy and the beautiful countryside. Here’s why Hum should definitely be among the […]


Top 10 Amazing Restaurants In The World

Image Source: The Daily Meal Do you think a plain croissant tastes better when you have it under ornate marble roofs with ornate, royal chandeliers? Does spaghetti taste better in a grotto right by the sea, with the waves flowing below your feet? Some of the most amazing restaurants in the world are built in […]


Top 10 Hair Accessories for a Funky Look

There are some amazing hair accessories that you can try to change your look without having to change your hair. A simple hairstyle can immediately be upgraded for a date or a night out with friends, with some hair accessories for a funky look. The piece could be encrusted with stones or crystals for a […]


Top 10 Cities for Budget Travel in Europe

Everyone knows travel in Europe is notoriously expensive for the budget traveler – right? Or is it just a case of a few expensive cities having become representative of all Europe? Take this opportunity to explore the Cities for Budget Travel in Europe Image Source: Travel and Leisure   Even exorbitant Oslo has its free attractions […]


Top 10 Skin Care Essentials Everyone Should Know

Cleansing, check. Toning, check. Moisturizing, check. Good enough, right? Not if you want impeccable, dewy skin. When it comes to skin care essentials, Koreans seem to have got it right. Each day, most women in Seoul go through a 10-step skin care regimen. They double-cleanse their face, massage it everyday, use face masks and what […]


Top 10 Strategies to Wake Up

Wake up strategies can also involve some good morning habits that don’t have anything to do with caffeine. Are you one of those people who become anxious at the sound of the alarm clock? Scientists suggest a few helpful strategies to wake up early and ready to roll. Image Source: Bradley Gauthier The trick to […]