Top 10 Most Controversial Songs of The Beatles

Remember the English, all-time famous, rock boy band of the 1960s named The Beatles? It is only after listening to their songs intently that you will realize they released some of the most controversial songs ever. Controversy was prevalent in the lyrics than the production of the actual songs. Follow us as we get into […]


Top 10 Effects of Listening Music on Plants

Irrespective of how absurd the idea that listening music on plants has a positive effect on plant growth to the skeptic, research has proven this to be indeed a fact. There are incredible effects that can be derived from plants having a go at some music. The problem most identify is that plants do not […]


Top 10 Asian Pop Songs

Asia has had a very important role to play in world music in general. Of these some Asian pop songs have stood out as the best ambassadors for Asian pop culture. We have provided a brief outline of the best Asian pop songs to listen to and the reason why they just had to make […]


Top 10 Catchiest Lyrics of all Time

This is one of those articles that are quite tricky to write because the matter of greatest song lyrics is a relative one. Songs may be catchy for one and a total fail for another. Nonetheless, we shall take a journey into all-time catchiest lyrics which gained fame and found their way to the top […]


Top 10 Springsteen`s Music Performances

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949). He is considered one of the most successful singers of the past decades and Springsteen Music is recognized all over the world. His music on the boundary of rock and folk collected a lot of awards including 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, and an […]

Top 10 Effects of Listening Music on Health

We all love good sound however subjective that may be. While we may appreciate the enlightening benefits of music and how elated it makes you feel, we cannot ignore the health benefits of listening music. Music improves our health in various ways and we are going to look at the 10 effects of listening music […]


Top 10 Longest Reigning Songs on the Billboard Hot 100

Music has always been close to many people`s hearts. There is something about it that seems to speak to the soul. A lot of people listen to music to uplift their spirit and relieve stress. It is also a mood changer and many people will find themselves dancing to the beat. The musicians who sing […]


Top 10 Music Concerts of All Times

Live performances by music artists are something to be cherished especially when they pull off a mind-blowing performance that the world is unlikely to ever forget. Of these are some of the best live music concerts that the world would never forget. These artists and bands have engraved their names in history for providing their […]


Top 10 Country African Tunes

Country music is a genre of popular music connected especially with the southeastern region of the United States. In these agrarian regions, the country music evolved in the 1920s as a combination of the cowboy culture based folk music and the blues music. Although we do not consider country music as typical African tunes, the […]