Top 10 Facts About Black Metal- Part 2

No, it’s not a new type of Teflon, or cast Iron; it’s not even “new”. Surprisingly, it a 30-year-old genre of Rock music that breaks the barriers of what is expected even from the “Heavy Metal Scene” of the late 1980’s. Parents prayed their children listened to “Big Hair” Rock Bands like Poison and Winger […]


Top 10 Creepiest Music Genres

Image Source: Nerdist If you thought music is for pleasure, what about some of the creepiest music genres? What drives people to listen to songs about violence, murder, rage, rape, racism and other such unpleasant stuff? Maybe ‘pleasure’ is not the right word here. Maybe for some, listening to the creepiest songs EVER is the […]


Top 10 Amazing “Guitar Hero” Players

Guitar Hero is the video game series with worldwide popularity in which a player use a controller with the shape of a guitar to simulate guitar playing of many popular songs. The player must follow the notes scrolling on a screen to reach points. The first game of a series was developed by a Harmonix […]


Top 10 Shocking Facts about Death Metal

The term death metal has become synonymous with our culture. Yet there is so much that is unknown about heavy metal music’s extreme subgenre. For the surprising novices, death metal is a combination of aggressive powerful drumming, deep growling vocals and screams, tremolo picking, palm muting, and low-tuned and heavily distorted guitars. Yet there are […]


Top 10 Scariest Bands of All Time

It is well known that certain musical styles are tightly connected with performing the show which can be easily called extreme by many people. Various bands use elements of horror or pretending of gory violence to multiply the spectator´s experience of the music. Is it exactly the type of music which can be either loved […]


Top 10 Shocking Rock Performances

When people buy a ticket for the rock concert, they expect not only to hear great music but also to see a show. That´s why the concerts are almost always accompanied by the light or fire-show altogether with the visually interesting video projection on huge screens behind the musicians on the stage. And that is […]


Top 10 Best Classical Songs

Although the term „classical music“ is well known to all of us, our understanding of that term is rather emotional. The situation will be a little bit more difficult when we will be looking for the exact definition. Sometimes, it is defined on the basis of timeframe and connected with the so-called „classical period“ ranging […]


Top 10 Best Bassists of All Time

Bass players on instruments like bass guitar, keyboard bass, tuba and several other instruments are an important and integral part of almost all musical genres including rock&roll, heavy metal, soul, jazz or classical music. Bass players vary as instruments and genres mentioned above. Some of them are always in front of the band, others are […]


Top 10 Best Guitarists of All Time

As simple as the guitar looks to the eye, getting around to even just playing a few chords can be a daunting and time-consuming affair. That’s why today we choose to celebrate best guitarists of all time; for their commitment and passion for the musical instrument. We don’t know how they went on to become […]


Top 10 Best Pianists of All Time

This is one of those unfair topics to write about because the task is daunting and almost impossible. Imagine having to sample just ten of the best pianists of all time from a list of hundreds if not thousands. We have managed to narrow down the list anyway, based on skill and ratings over the […]