Top 10 Amazing 3D Films

3D films may be expensive to produce but watching them is nothing short of an amazing experience. Sometimes we wonder why all movies are not three-dimensional so we can have an equally good feeling watching all of them. Perhaps in the future, this might happen but for now we choose to celebrate the few incredible […]


Top 10 Tv Series About Surveillance

The concept of surveillance is being watched by the proverbial ‘all seeing eye’. Every once in a while we all get that spooky feeling that our every move is being watched or supervised. It therefore does not help that we provide to the government an enormous amount of information about our lives. The same applies […]


Top 10 Last Minute Suspense Thriller Movies

Suspense is the most important ingredient of any good thriller movie. The best of suspense thriller movies are those which are able to chain you to the screen for every minute of it. Sometimes, those are the greatest twist ending movies which leave the most intense feelings inside us. What are your favorite thrillers? Do […]


Top 10 Bizarre Fanfics

It is no secret that fantasy fiction (fanfic) is a strange world full of bizarre stories and characters. We love reading or watching them but once in a while, these fantasies cross the line when it comes to being weird. The truth of the matter however, is that even though bizarre fanfics crowd the world, […]


Top 10 Best Paid Sitcom Actors

Probably, one of the world’s most likeable and profitable jobs is acting. This is the job that not only helps you feel good about yourself, but also helps flourish your bank account. Talented actors usually get noticed by big firms and producers. Hence, they are given the jobs to portray a role in different television […]


10 Most Famous Movie Remakes Ever

Movie remakes are never really as regarded as the originals. That is the usual scenario. Psycho, Clash of the Titans, Pulse and The Wicker Man clearly earn points for being the worst movie remakes that have ever featured on our screens. Yet there are those chosen few who have stood out for being not just […]


Top 10 Stand Up Presentations Of 2016

Presentations have always been at the center of shaping how information is delivered in boardrooms, classrooms and in front of audiences all over the world. Aside from the aesthetic values they add, most are actually designed to deliver the information to the intended recipient. Below, we look at some of the stand-up presentations featured to […]