Top 10 Funniest Abbreviations and Initials

Abbreviations and acronyms not only make life fun but convenient as well. The world would be a boring place without them. That said, some abbreviations and initials are plain funny, some are just weird while some lack words to describe them. Here is a list of the top 10 funniest abbreviations and initials that rocked […]


Top 10 Belly Bursting Jokes

Life is generally a dour or joyful affair depending on your perspective. If however, your view on life is of the former, then you definitely need some good belly laugh jokes. To do that we at sparkinlist have compiled what we feel are the top 10 belly bursting jokes of all time. We have tried […]


Top 10 Humorous Situations in Politics

Mark Twain once said that politicians and diapers must be changed often. Our efforts at making those changes this year resulted on a candidate who claimed to help salvage a bankrupt country because “he has had a bunch of [6] bankruptcies.” Another choose to show the evil hidden underneath her laughs, making us think that […]


Top 10 Funny Facts about the American History

America is one of the countries that has a rich history that can teach us quite a bit about economy, democracy, equality and many other important things. This notwithstanding, there are still some funny facts about the American history that will leave you smiling – or laughing. Let us look at the top 10 American […]


Top 10 Comedy Movies With Highest Income

Comedy movies cut across all divides; whether it is racial, tribal, geographical locations, age differences, education levels or religious inclinations, everyone likes to laugh from time to time. This is the reason why highest income comedy movies are a reality in Hollywood and other parts of the world. Without wasting more time, here is the […]


Top 10 Comedians With Sick Humor

Comedy is big in TV, Comics and even standup comedy shows. Some comedians are drifting away from the traditional approach of telling normal day to day stories in a bid to be unique and carve out their own niche in the overcrowded comedy field. This has given birth to a lot of diverse comedy and […]


Top 10 Female Comedians Ever

It can be really tough to find comedians worth your attention and time. And that’s the reason why female comedians are gaining much popularity nowadays. There’s no point of having your favorite comic list start and end with the prominent Amy Schumer. She’s definitely a spot on the roster, but there’s an endless list of […]


Top 10 Most Hilarious Jokes About Aliens

Nowadays, people have to deal with a lot of stress from work and the have only small periods of time during office hours to relax. Because of this, most of them prefer to relax while surfing the net, watching funny videos or reading funny jokes. You can find different sites that are meant to entertain […]


Top 10 Comedies That Are Not Considered Comedy

This is the year that is when we’ve seen several movies that are way too out of the league as far as the best movies of the year are concerned. Reviewing the last 10 months down the line makes it clear that cinephiles were spoilt with blockbuster hero sagas, sterling movies and dystopian comedies. Actually, […]


Top 10 Funny Moments of 2016

2016 is not yet over but even if it were to end today, we already have enough top gear funny moments to look back to and laugh our head off. From the Rio Olympics to the US presidential elections, we have had enough funny moments this year. The following are the top ten funny moments […]