Top 10 Funniest Things People Have Said In Interviews

Job interviews are nerve-wracking. But they can be exciting too and lead to funny job interview stories. Especially when interviewers ask zany questions that catch you by surprise – and then get your creative juices flowing. When you’re having fun answering a hilarious question with a hilarious answer, you’re bound to loosen up and feel […]


Top 10 Humours Sign Boards of the Time

Signs are supposed to provide us with guidance on what to do and what to avoid. However, some signs despite the serious intent that they have provided end up being hilarious. We have scouted the internet and beyond for some of the most outrageously funny signboards. So from the funniest signs around the world, these […]


Top 10 Hilarious Moments of 2016 USA election

From the humble beginnings of the US presidential campaigns to the announcements of results, the 2016 USA election was action packed and filled with enough hilarious moments to make Mr. Bean seem a bit too serious. We have taken on the liberty of compiling some of the hilarious moments of 2016 USA election for our […]


Top 10 Simpsons’ Jokes That Came Out To Be True

Since its start in December 1989, The Simpsons became a cultural phenomenon recognized worldwide. The characters are as popular as any global superstar and in many countries all around the world, you can find tons of products backed by the franchise. More than 600 episodes are spanned across 28 seasons, but Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge […]


Top 10 Ways Aliens Can Get Found on Earth

There have been rumors of aliens visiting Earth from another planet or body of the universe. While we may not know the origin of these species, the real question is usually, “how do aliens arrive on earth?” Travelling from one star to the next is anything but easy. The fastest rocket can take 73,000 years […]


Top 10 ROFL Comedy Movies of All Time

To create the list of the best of all time comedy movies is an unrewarding task as it is completely subjective. Some people love old crazy comedies full of whipped cream fights, other people prefer movies with more subtextual jokes. Regardless of the type, comedies can help us to forget about our worries and to […]


Top 10 Jokes about Romanian Communism

Romanians had reached the peak of their frustration and poverty during the 70s and 80s as a result of communism. Since there was no freedom of speech, the citizens decided to tell jokes to each other as a way to oppose the present government. Jokes about Romanian communism were then birthed and ever since, people […]


Top 10 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured

Photo bombing has over the years become a regular phenomenon. Everyone readily got on the photo bomb band wagon from celebrities, screechy schoolgirls, moms, and dads to even grannies. The Queen of England also caught onto the trend and several rules were even written on the “best ways” to photobomb a picture. We therefore decided […]


Top 10 Funny Stage Show Fails

Funny stage show fails happen all the time mostly unknowingly and sometimes deliberately. The camera is always ready to capture such actions and give us a reason to laugh long after the failed stage show has ended. On this note, take a look at the top ultimate stage fails and see if your day won’t […]