Top 10 Creative Wall Painting Ideas

Image Source: HnGIdeas Spring is at it again! This is the best time to give your home a refreshing look. There are tons of ways to renew your home and one of these ways is via creative wall painting. Having creative wall painting ideas can dramatically give your home a sweet and attractive look. By […]


Top 10 Video Games That Never Saw the Light of Day

Image Source: Whimsical Whitfield Hundreds of video games die premature deaths every year, often in complete silence. Sometimes, they leave behind great-looking trailers and unreleased material that makes us wistfully wonder about what could have been. There are many reasons for canceled video games before release. Sometimes, they are over-ambitious and impossible to complete. Sometimes, […]

Top 10 Facts About Black Metal- Part 2

No, it’s not a new type of Teflon, or cast Iron; it’s not even “new”. Surprisingly, it a 30-year-old genre of Rock music that breaks the barriers of what is expected even from the “Heavy Metal Scene” of the late 1980’s. Parents prayed their children listened to “Big Hair” Rock Bands like Poison and Winger […]


Top 10 Creepiest Music Genres

Image Source: Nerdist If you thought music is for pleasure, what about some of the creepiest music genres? What drives people to listen to songs about violence, murder, rage, rape, racism and other such unpleasant stuff? Maybe ‘pleasure’ is not the right word here. Maybe for some, listening to the creepiest songs EVER is the […]


Top 10 Zombie Movies

Image source: We Know your Dreams It seems new zombie movies are released every other day. And while many of us have our favorites, there are those of us who wish that the entire genre would disappear. I mean, the first zombie movie you watched was probably novel, fascinating, terrifying, even. But there are only […]


Top 10 Bosses in Video Game History

Image source: US Gamer Most of the best video games are nothing without a great boss battle. Bosses are tough. But getting to them is one of the biggest motivations that players prepare for throughout the game. Here’s what we want from video game bosses: they should feel like a challenge, they should be tough, […]


Top 10 Innovations In Cinema

Technology has developed and with it cinema and films. Cinema innovations have come over the years in ways that are not only astounding but also completely breathtaking. The entire world has been taken by storm time and time again with some awesome innovations in cinema that have brought to life the impossible. In this article, […]


Top 10 Zelda Franchise Video Games

Image Source: Nerdist The Zelda franchise video games have have just had a new updated addition. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has just been released for Nintendo (and some people have already managed to run it on the PC!). It’s a great game to try the new Switch console on. We already […]