Top 10 Billionaires Who Are Under 18

Image source: Jewish Boston It’s hard enough achieving success by the time you’re thirty. The youngest billionaires in the world on this list did it even before their eighteenth birthdays. Of course, their filthy rich parents had a huge hand in it. Not all billionaires – like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates – will pass […]


Top 10 Adorable Species of Cats

Cats are cats, and then there’s the Persian cat, right? Wrong, there’s a lot more variety in the domestic cat species. Even cat persons don’t always know to tell the cutest cat breeds apart, they’re all so adorable and cuddly especially as kittens. Does it matter what species you bring home? Yes, because different feline […]


Top 10 Funniest Things People Have Said In Interview

Job interviews are nerve-wracking. But they can be exciting too and lead to funny job interview stories. Especially when interviewers ask zany questions that catch you by surprise – and then get your creative juices flowing. When you’re having fun answering a hilarious question with a hilarious answer, you’re bound to loosen up and feel […]


Top 10 Untold Facts about Alaska

Image Source: Alaska Guide There are some facts about Alaska that everyone knows. That it’s remote, cold and has more lakes (3 million) than people (less than a million). That it has its own natural light show. That it’s moose – and not chickens – that are often seen crossing the road. Now here are […]