Top 10 Misconceptions Males Have About Themselves

There are a lot of myths men have about women. Men are usually wrong about so many things concerning women… But this is not surprising taken into account the number of differences between men and women, both in physical characteristics and (especially) in the way of thinking. After all, we all know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? However, misconceptions about women are not the only ones men have. There are many misconceptions males have about themselves as well. In the following top 10, few things males are usually wrong about are listed. It can be a source of an interesting lesson for ladies who want to better understand their partners and it can also serve as a trigger of the self-reflection for guys. Some of these misconceptions are quite funny, on the other hand, some can be really dangerous.


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10. If I´m victim of domestic violence, I´m not a real man


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The first item in our list of common misconceptions males have about themselves is not funny at all. Domestic violence is usually connected with the image of a man abusing the woman. When the man become the victim of domestic violence, he automatically loses his self-confidence and starts to consider himself as weak. The truth is that it takes a great internal strength to decide not to use the superior physical power against an abusive woman either because of the kids or the fact that he is still in love with her…

9. Not thinking about sex every 7 seconds is not manly


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The statement that every man think about the sex in every seven seconds is one of the greatest myths and it caused the overwhelming damage to many men´s psyche. According to recent research, there is absolutely no evidence that this is the case. It seems that average man thinks about sex nineteen times a day. This is one of the common misconceptions males have about themselves and lot of them think that they must fulfill the seven seconds limit…

8. Men must be making her laugh all the time


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7. It´s necessary to impress


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Most of the men have the feeling that they need to impress their surroundings (and especially women) constantly. OK, we admit that it may have some evolutionary explanation and reasoning but in the 21st century, it may be embarrassing instead. Especially if it exceeds some levels. Have you ever seen fake images of guys standing in front of someone else´s Ferrari? Then you know what we are talking about…

6. I´m needed, all the time…


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It´s one of the very common misconceptions males have about themselves that they are needed all the time and that they have the obligation to solve other´s issues. Sometimes it is OK but it can also be very bothersome and intrusive.

5. I know what to wear


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Let´s admit it. The fraction of men who thinks that they have a style while it is definitely not the case is significantly higher than it is among women. There are so many misconceptions guys have about the style that we should publish a separate article on this topic…

4. All the women prefer men with muscular body


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Typical among misconceptions males have about themselves is the idea of women are crazy about muscular bodies. It´s not the case for every female. Too developed muscularity can make an impression of aggressivity and a lot of females don´t like that.

3. You can buy the love of a woman


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It is a common men´s mistake that they can buy a woman´s love. No, they can´t. Giving gifts is OK and almost every female likes it but it will never give rise to a true love. Men must do other things properly to achieve in the quest for love…

2. The social rules are given for eternity


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Men have a lot of misconceptions males have about themselves and one of them is that the have to be the breadwinner of the family. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The activity and feel of responsibility for the family are absolutely OK. We just want to say that we don´t live in the 50s anymore and if a female wants to take her part in it actively, she should not be the problem for a man.

1. Men should be “tough and quiet”


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Men have the feeling that they should be quiet and that extensive talking and expression of emotions is not manly. However, it is exactly what women want from them and this misunderstanding can be a source of problems in many relationships.

This was our list and now it´s time for another one. What about the similar topic but going a little bit more general? Try our Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions People have about themselves and others list!

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